The world of various parts machining is full of important knowledge. Even Prototool, which has been in the machining industry for more than ten years, has a lot to learn and innovate. All we have to do is to calm down and enjoy swimming in the sea of knowledge.

plastic part design considerations

General Principles of Plastic Part Design For Injection Molding

Experienced product designers deeply understand injection molding processes and consider numerous factors in plastic part design. This article focuses on essential elements such as wall thickness, draft angles, ribs, holes, pillars, snaps, interference fits, and tolerances in plastic molded part...

Peripheral Milling

Strategic Techniques for Efficient Peripheral Milling Operations

Peripheral milling is a crucial machining operation employed by intermediate and professional manufacturers to enhance metal removal rates and extend tool life. This guide explores various strategies, focusing on plain milling, standard milling, and the distinction between up-milling and down-milling....

mold side action

Mastering Mold Side Action for Precision Molding

Amidst the evolving global markets and shorter product life cycles, mold design faces escalating challenges, and mold side action emerges as a strategic solution, especially when dealing with intricate part geometries or challenging undercuts. Understanding these scenarios forms the foundation...

finishing machining

Fine-Tuning Your CNC Projects: A Guide to Finish Machining

Surface finish or finish machining, a critical aspect of machining, delves into the fine details of perfecting a workpiece’s external quality and functionality. This precise process involves a meticulous surface adjustment, either by material removal or addition, to meet the...


Optimizing Production with Semi-Finishing in Machining

The manufacturing industry highly values the role of semi-finishing. This crucial process involves refining a product to a specific level of completion before reaching the final finishing stage. It is pivotal in ensuring the end product meets the required specifications...

Rough Machining

From Raw to Refined: Exploring Rough Machining Methods

Rough machining is a process that involves swiftly and efficiently eliminating excess material to bring your workpiece one step closer to its final design. This CNC machining approach employs larger cutting tools, making broad and powerful cuts to eliminate any...

injection molding trends

Injection Molding Trends: What to Watch For in 2024

The injection molding industry is in constant motion, adapting to emerging technologies, evolving market demands, and growing environmental consciousness. In this dynamic landscape of injection molding industry trends, several key developments in the injection molding industry have taken center stage....