Injection molding and CNC have gained significant popularity in recent times. In fact, most companies have begun to rely on these efficient techniques. Furthermore, with every passing day, these techniques are evolving. Get to know all the latest news about injection molding and CNC.

Types of Aluminum Alloys for Aluminum Machining featured image

Most Common Types of Aluminum Alloys for Aluminum Machining

Undoubtedly, Aluminum is one of the most extensively utilized metals that have contributed to developing our modern world’s capabilities. Aluminum alloys allow the fabrication of a wide variety of in-demand products. Since Aluminum alloys are one of the simplest materials to work with, they are the material of choice for...

Die Casting Vs Injection Molding

Die Casting Vs Injection Molding- A Complete Comparison

Die casting and injection Molding are probably names you’ve heard of, but you may not fully understand either method or its differences. Depending on the specifics of your application or components, you may be able to choose between die casting and injection Molding, two of the most frequent manufacturing processes....

CNC Fixture Types and How to Choose the Right One featured image

CNC Fixture: Types and How to Choose the Right One

Are you considering the usage of a CNC machine for your production demands? Whether you’re familiar with a CNC machine or opting for it the first time, understanding the machine and its tools is essential to achieve efficient production outcomes. In addition, you can’t make or give production decisions to...

The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Injection Molding featured image

The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Injection Molding

Are you opting to consider production using acrylic? Of course, but the question ‘can acrylic be injection molded‘ may keep you from making a final decision. But here’s the good news, even though acrylic has a glass-like outlook, it is still more flexible. So with the help of an acrylic...

Sink Mark in Injection Molding – A Detailed Overview-featured image

Sink Mark in Injection Molding – A Detailed Overview

A sink mark is a typical injection molding flaw that can appear in the thicker dimensions of a molded part or object. Thankfully, with the right ways, you can prevent the sink mark from occurring in the injection molded parts. Now, if you’re new to exploring sink marks and how...

A Beginner’s Guide to Sheet Metal Fabrication Process 2022 featured image

A Beginner’s Guide to Sheet Metal Fabrication Process 2022

Every day, we need metals. The usage of metal products in our day-to-day lives, whether personal or professional, is endless. With growing usage comes growing manufacturing demand in efficient ways. One of the most common means of metal manufacturing is “sheet metal fabrication process.” The process of making things out...

Rubber Molding The Definitive Guide Featured Image

Rubber Molding: The Definitive Guide 2022

Rubber molding is the process of manufacturing rubber items. But are rubber products that common? In the nineteenth century, rubber was considered an essential raw material used to make various products in different industries. However, the demand and usage of rubber and its products have only grown over time. But...


Factors To Consider When Choosing Chinese Mould Suppliers In 2022

Cost-cutting for produced items now entails a significant amount of outsourcing. Although outsourcing has made it possible for customers to purchase goods at lower prices, there is a catch: overseas rivals may not necessarily adhere to the same labour standards or employ the same premium materials to assure high-quality products....

A full overview of Electrical discharge machining(EDM) featured image

A full overview of Electrical discharge machining(EDM)

Electrical discharge machining has emerged as a viable alternative for businesses due to the numerous drawbacks of conventional machining techniques. Using heat energy, EDM is a dependable and effective way to remove extra material from a workpiece. Manufacturers use this method to create items that would otherwise be difficult or...

liquid injection molding machine featured image

Liquid Injection Molding: Process, Types And Benefits

The world’s largest industrial sector is the production of plastic. Making plastic goods involves a crucial procedure called injection molding. It is a method that makes it possible to quickly produce similar goods in large quantities. These can be high-precision technical components or disposable consumer items. Utilizing liquid injection molding,...

A complete overview of polypropylene injection molding featured image

A complete overview of polypropylene injection molding

Polypropylene Injection molding is a procedure in which a thermoplastic polymer is heated above its melting point and then converted into a solid polymer to a melted fluid. It certainly has a low viscosity. This melted polypropylene is then injected into molds to get the desired shape of parts. The...


Reaction injection molding Quality for Medical Devices

Plastics are, without a doubt, highly versatile. When employing response injection molding, there are two different sorts of aims. The injector can result in litigation, cousins, and an additional recall risk. The most effective manufacturing process for medical devices is reaction injection molding. Larger and more complicated machinery is required...


When Should We Use Overmolding Process

Injection moulding is a common quick prototyping method used in the mass manufacturing of numerous materials. Injection molding comes in a variety of varieties. Using Overmolding process and insert molding process, for instance, are two examples. Despite belonging to the same group, each kind has a unique mode of operation....


Everything You Need to Know About CNC Machining Tolerances in 2022

A CNC or Computer Numerical Control is a machining method. In the CNC machining method, the CNC machining tolerances play a vital role in determining how the machine variables can be changed per different production demands. Typically, a CNC machine comprising computer programming and electromechanical devices automates metal and non-metal...

two color injection molding detailed guide featured image

Two-color Injection Molding: A Detailed Guide

Do you need to manufacture plastic and rubber products for your business? Manufacturing products of different kinds are best managed when you know the production processes and which process meets your production requirements. Today, companies like Prototool offer a wide range of production services, including injection molding. But how do you...


How do Insert Molding Services work?

If you explore, you will find that many items we use regularly are often made of more than a single material. For example, if you have a look at a pair of scissors, there is the use of a plastic handle and metal blades. For us, it is a regular...

An Ultimate Guide to Two-Shot Injection Molding Introduction - featured images

An Ultimate Guide to Two-Shot Injection Molding Introduction

Since its inception, the plastic injection molding market has advanced significantly. It has advanced significantly in terms of productivity, cost–effectiveness, and new and creative approaches to product manufacturing. Two-shot injection molding is one of these creative methods. Multi-material injection molding, two-color injection molding, two-k injection molding, or double-shot injection molding...

Things You Should Know About Aerospace CNC Machining-featured image

Things You Should Know About CNC machining aerospace parts

The aerospace industry encompasses research, development, and manufacturing of an array of aircraft and spacecraft products such as commercial and military aeroplanes, helicopters, and gliders, as well as spacecraft, launch vehicles, satellites, and other space-related objects. Flying in the earth’s atmosphere is not as easy and simple as moving on...

The 101 Guide on The Types of Molds for Injection Molding featured image

The 101 Guide on The Types of Molds for Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a standard manufacturing process used in the industrial sector today. However, plastic products produced using this method are utilized in different industrial sectors and as a wide array of products. Hence, the types of plastic products produced during plastic injection molding are endless. Likewise, when it...

Everything You Need to Know-Regarding-CNC-Turning Service Featured Image

Everything You Need to Know Regarding CNC Turning Service

A cutting tool, often a non-spinning part of the lathe or turning centre, removes material from a rotating rigid material during a CNC turning operation. Depending on the turning processes employed, this technique generates a variety of forms and sizes. CNC turning is one of the greatest methods for producing...


A Rookie Guide to Plastic Injection Molding Processing

As complicated as it may appear to the average customer, the plastic injection molding processing is a typical manufacturing technique used to make a wide range of commonplace objects. Various plastic injection molding companies like Prototool offer this service to assist in the manufacturing of plastic objects that have become...

A Detailed Overview of The Injection Molding Cost-featured image

A Detailed Overview of The Injection Molding Cost

If you’re opting for the injection molding process for shaping and manufacturing plastic and rubber items for your business, you may be curious to know ‘what is the injection molding cost estimate’? Generally, when you’re opting for any manufacturing process, it’s evident that multiple stages/processes, materials, and additional requirements may...

What are the common injection-molding materials featured image

What are the common injection molding materials?

Materials for plastic injection molding have names that resemble chemistry class words. The fact that polypropylene rhymes with polythene and has a similar acronym (PP) to polystyrene makes it difficult enough (PS). Knowing your application needs, which might vary between prototype and production, is especially important when choosing the common...

What Is Milling-featured image

What Is Milling? A Complete Guide To CNC Milling

If you have been in contact with the CNC processing industry, you may have heard the words “milling” and “turning,” so what is milling? Milling refers to a high-efficiency processing method that can cut workpieces by the use of rotating multi-edge cutting tools. When working, the cutting tool rotates, and...

A Complete Guide About Clear Injection Molded Plastics-featured image

A Complete Guide About Clear Injection Molded Plastics

Suppose you ever happen to visit a clear injection molded plastics factory. In that case, you will notice that clear plastic injection molding involves melting a raw material, pushing the viscous fluid into a mold, and allowing it to cool and harden. Almost every product, from electronics to home goods...

Everything you need to know about silicone injection molding-featured image

Everything you need to know about silicone injection molding

What is Silicone Injection Molding? An injection moulding manufacturing technique is used to create items out of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials. The process entails putting the material into a heated barrel, mixing it, and injecting it forcefully into a mold cavity using a reciprocating screw or a ram injector. The...

Simple Design Considerations for Urethane Casting-featured-image

Simple Design Considerations for Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is a popular low-volume manufacturing technique commonly used for bridge production purposes. If the term bridge production is uncommon to you, consider a production technique that serves to “bridge” the gap between early prototyping and mass production. Bridge production helps many businesses to scale up production without incurring...

Which Processing Method is the Best Choice for Low Volume Manufacturing-featured image

Which Processing Method is the Best Choice for Low-Volume Manufacturing?

In today’s fast-paced world, where everything revolves around cost-efficient and time-saving production solutions, you may be curious whether low-volume manufacturing is also accessible through modern manufacturing technologies or not. But what is low-volume manufacturing, and how is it beneficial?  As the demand for modern innovations and products that we use...

What Factors Will Affect the CNC Machining Quote-featured image

What Factors Will Affect the CNC Machining Quote

Computer Numerical Control Machining, commonly known as ‘CNC Machining,’ is the only method that controls the production equipment through a computer and its pre-programmed functions. It is one of the most efficient ways of production. Many people try to look for a reliable company for a customer to place their...


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