The world of various parts machining is full of important knowledge. Even Prototool, which has been in the machining industry for more than ten years, has a lot to learn and innovate. All we have to do is to calm down and enjoy swimming in the sea of knowledge.

draft angle

Understanding Draft Angle in Mold Design

Draft angle is an essential step in the design of every mold. Some engineering drawings may not initially include the draft angle, but that doesn’t mean it’s omitted; it’s simply addressed in a later stage of the process. In mold...

POM Machining Delrin Machining

Machining Delrin | Best Practices for Precision POM Machining

Recently, the demand for strong, low-friction, and wear-resistant materials has surged, aiming to replace metals. Thanks to technological advancements – machined Delrin, a lightweight polymer – has become a versatile choice in various industries. It’s cost-effective and easy to machine,...

Metal Anodizing For Machining

Metal Anodizing CNC Machined Parts – A Brief Guide

Metal anodizing is a popular technique in the engineering and maker communities. It’s well-known for improving the strength, durability, and lifetime of machined components, making it a vital technique in the manufacturing process. Aside from these advantages, anodizing has several...

CNC tool lifter

How Does a CNC Tool Lifter Work?

A lifter moves at an angle during ejection to remove steel from undercuts or details inaccessible to slides or other mechanisms. This component has different names and design variations. Lifter design, angle, and materials can all have a significant impact...

guide bushing appearance

Understanding Guide Bushing In Injection Mold

In injection molding, a guide bushing, also known as a guide pin bushing or guide sleeve, is a component used in the injection molding process to guide the movement of the mold halves or components within the mold. It provides...

CNC demolding method

How Is CNC Demolding Better Than Manual Demolding?

CNC demolding is the automated approach to getting parts out of an injection mold. This makes it easier for technicians to conduct the machining process effectively. While many technicians don’t have a detailed understanding of CNC demolding and how it...

injecton unit

How Does an Injection Unit in Injection Molding Machine Function?

The importance of an injection molding machine cannot be overstated in the manufacturing industry, particularly in producing plastic parts and products. From efficiency to productivity, versatility, precision, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and much more – manufacturing with injection molding machines is common...

CNC lathe headstock

CNC Lathe Headstock: A Detailed Guide

The CNC lathe machine headstock plays a vital role in machining, serving as the powerhouse that drives rotation and securely holds the workpiece. A geared transmission that supplies power and rotation to various lathe components is known as a CNC...

location ring

What is Location Ring in Injection Molding?

An injection mold requires a large amount of time to design. Steel kinds, heat treatment, surface finish, gate size, and other factors are carefully addressed. But how much thought goes into choosing the location ring? In many circumstances, it is...

CNC Thread Machining

CNC Thread Machining 101: What It Is and How It Works?

The machining quality and efficiency of the threads will directly impact the machining quality of the parts and, consequently, the machining center’s production efficiency with the advancement of CNC machining performance. Therefore the advancement of cutting tools and threading methods...