El mundo del mecanizado de piezas diversas está lleno de conocimientos importantes. Incluso Prototool, que lleva más de diez años en el sector del mecanizado, tiene mucho que aprender e innovar. Todo lo que tenemos que hacer es tranquilizarnos y disfrutar nadando en el mar del conocimiento.

mold side action

Mastering Mold Side Action for Precision Molding

Amidst the evolving global markets and shorter product life cycles, mold design faces escalating challenges, and mold side action emerges as a strategic solution, especially when dealing with intricate part geometries or challenging undercuts. Understanding these scenarios forms the foundation...

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proceso de etiquetado en molde

El proceso de etiquetado en molde

In-mold labeling (IML) is a sophisticated manufacturing technique where meticulously cut plastic films, referred to as labels, are seamlessly integrated into the injection mold using a specialized handling unit. These labels are securely affixed in place, often employing a vacuum...

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Ventilación en molde de inyección

¿Dónde y cómo ventilar en el moldeo por inyección?

Understanding the details of mold venting in injection molding is crucial for achieving the best results in your molding processes. Proper venting not only improves part quality but also safeguards your valuable molds. By strategically placing vents based on the...

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socavados de moldeo por inyección

6 formas de lograr rebajes en el moldeo por inyección

Undercuts in injection molding involve intricate shapes and designs that pose challenges when it comes to removing the molded part from the mold without causing damage. The presence of injection molding undercuts features in an injection molding project often leads...

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injection molding safety

Injection Molding Safety Protocols In the Workshop

Safety in the injection molding process is paramount. Ensuring that both equipment and personnel adhere to the highest standards of safety can prevent accidents, improve efficiency, and maintain the integrity of the final product. General Safety Guidelines for Injection Molding...

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injection mold acceptance standard

Injection Mold Acceptance Standard

When it comes to the world of injection molding, ensuring the quality and efficiency of your injection molds is paramount. As a customer, you’re not just investing in a piece of equipment; you’re investing in the future of your product,...

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Home appliance injection molding

Types of Injection Molding Techniques for Home Appliances

In home appliance manufacturing, a wide variety of manufacturing techniques are utilized. These include injection molding, extrusion molding, thermal molding, insert molding, laminated molding, foam plastic molding, casting, and many others. However, among these, home appliance injection molding stands out...

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clear prototype

What Are The Processing Methods For The Clear Prototype?

Prototypes assume an important role in modern industry, especially within the realm of product design. For products that demand a transparent or see-through quality, the use of clear materials becomes essential. Such clear prototypes not only serve as a representation...

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earphone mold structure analysis

Analysis of the Classic Bluetooth Earphone Mold Structure

In mold design, our journey has taken us through a myriad of plastic products, from automotive components and household appliances to consumer electronics and everyday items. Yet, our encounters with audio products, particularly earphones, have been relatively limited. These products,...

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materiales para la fabricación de moldes

Clasificación de los materiales de fabricación de moldes

In mold making or mold casting, materials are meticulously chosen based on their specific service conditions. These materials can be broadly categorized into cold work mold materials, hot work mold materials, plastic mold materials, and other specialized mold materials. Each...

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proceso de fabricación

Tipos de proceso de fabricación de metal y plástico

Over the course of more than 100 years, the manufacturing industry has seen a remarkable evolution in the manufacturing process or fabrication process, especially for metal and plastic materials. From the intricate turning, milling, and drilling techniques for metals to...

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Tecnología de nanomoldeo para la industria móvil (NMT)

Tecnología de nanomoldeo (NMT) en la fabricación moderna

Have you heard of Nano Molding Technology (NMT)? It’s a groundbreaking advancement in the manufacturing world, bridging the gap between traditional injection molding and the future of precision manufacturing. While conventional molding methods have served us well, NMT is revolutionizing...

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