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Injection molding services specializing in serving global customers for more than a decade

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A good injection molding factory must have rich experience, well-equipped equipment, professional staff in all positions, customer-oriented corporate culture and good service consciousness. Yes, Prototool is such a company best for you.

Our injection molding services have been serving a wide range of sectors, including the automotive, cosmetics, consumer goods, and many others for more than ten years. Based on our experience, we understand what every client desires the most when they engage in one-stop injection molding collaboration with us.

Prototool’s professional designers give good advice to our clients. They understand the market, and products in order to help clients take their place in the market.

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10+ Years Professional one-stop service

We offer a distinctive array of experienced and passionate team members in our plastic molding services. They guarantee a high-precision final product, from the initial mold design and creation through to the manufacturing process and secure delivery to your location.

100+ & Custom materials for choosen

PPS, PP, POM, ABS, C-GF, HDPE, LDPE, PBT, TPV, PC, POE, PMMA, PA66, PA-GF, PS-PPE, TPE, TPU and more. We immensely value our customer’s business needs, so we can process customers provided injection molding materials too.

High-Caliber Molding, Budget-Friendly Pricing

While we may not claim to offer the cheapest injection molding services in the world, we assure you that our pricing represents the best value for your money. Over the past decade, we've tirelessly worked to enhance the quality of our clients' products. This commitment involves upgrading the precision of our injection molding machines, continuously learning about new and modified materials, and applying this knowledge in practical ways to deliver exceptional results.

Leading-Edge Internal Manufacturing Capabilities

Our injection molding expertise is backed by over 100 advanced machines with clamping forces up to 1000T. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology, continually investing in our equipment; This ongoing investment plan is a testament to our dedication to excellence in injection molding. Our in-house capabilities extend to custom mold design, material specialization, swift prototyping, automated production lines, rigorous quality assurance, comprehensive finishing options, large-volume production, and environmentally responsible practices.

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mold-making & Machining

We start working on the initial work of mold design and making, preparing machines, and start manufacturing.


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Efficient, Cost-Effective, Durable and High-Precision Injection Molding Service

We are the best in class for injection molding. Order us now! You’ll find it well worth your while when you will use our products and it will definitely bring value to your business.

Our Advanced Injection Molding Options

We can produce thousands of parts to pace up your product development cycle. You can choose from a large variety of materials. We keep over 100 plastic resins materials in the inventory to kick start the production. For molded end products, we have many finishing options. Our injection molding capabilities are plastic molding, insert molding, over molding, and family molding.

We employ finest thermoplastic materials to produce superior quality injection molded parts. We scientifically execute whole process from gathering requirements to design evaluation, die and mold production and up to final product.

In insert molding, we use a pre-manufactured part (mostly a metal) which is inserted into a mold. To get the final product, preformed mold is over molded with required thermoplastic resin. Availing our insert molding services, you can have exceptional quality products.

In over molding process, we can mold a thermoplastic material into a second thermoplastic or liquid silicone rubber material. Which provides us the ability to achieve required product attributes and functionality.

When customer demands speedy project deliveries then we use family injection mold. It gives us the ability to manufacture multiple parts with the same material in a single cycle. This injection molding technique has more than one cavity cut into the mold. Each cavity can make different part.

Materials Options for Injection Molding

We can process numerous plastics and polymers. We have in-house capacity of a large collection of different injection molding materials. That includes PPS, PP, POM, ABS, C-GF, HDPE, LDPE, PBT, TPV, PC, POE, PMMA, PA66, PA-GF, PS-PPE, TPE, and TPU.  We can process customers provided materials too.

Different Surface Finishing Options

We offer a number of surface finishes options to choose from. Customer’s aesthetics and functionality requirements dictate a particular finish method to use. We can finish your injection molded parts using any of the methods given below.


This finishing technique is used to clean part’s surface and refine the overall appearance that creates a homogeneous surface with a rough or dull texture. Bead blasting is a type of shot blasting that involves shooting high-pressure materials (glass or steel) beads at parts surface.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is an excellent technology used for printing parts surfaces. It is basically used to enhance aesthetic appeal by printing logos, brand names or other decorative stuff.


Surface etching method is used when we require to improve surface roughness. It usually employs chemical or physical means to etch finish the part.

Laser Finishing

Laser surface treatment is a thermal process. It uses heat produced by light absorption of the surface layer to etch any graphics, company tag lines or logos.


Industrial Application of Injection Molding

Due to its manufacturing friendly properties, injection molding is being harnessed in many sectors in the world. It is employed in almost every industry in one or the other way.


Robotics & Automation

Oil and Gas Industry
General Goods

Our Capabilities for Injection Molding

We have decades of experience of manufacturing injection molded parts. We have served numerous industries. We are fulfilling the needs of various industries not locally but also globally with our strong commitment to deliver excellence through our services and generate value for our customers.

Well-Equipped and Advanced Machines

We keep on updating our machines with the latest models to be a leading name in this sector. Our R&D department works very hard on research and development. So that we can thrive ourselves in serving our customers and helping them to achieve their business targets.

Quick Services

When anyone reach out to us to acquire our services, we inquire customers’ requirements and propose them the best options. After approval, a dedicated team consisting of designers, engineers, technicians and QC experts starts immediately working on the project. They ensure quality productions in timely manners.

Superb Durability and Efficiency

The approach that we use to create your parts is developed with the hard work of years. Our injection molding experts are exceptionally capable of producing components with superb durability and excellent efficiency.

Diverse Material Range

When it comes to materials then possibilities are almost endless. We offer an immense range of materials and colors to select from. The advances in polymers enable the invention of diverse resins.

Injection Molding Workshop In Prototool

What is Injection Molding

How this Service can add Value to Your Business? When you need to make highly efficient mass products at faster rates then injection molding is one of the best technique to get things done. It is amongst the most trusted methods for manufacturing plastic parts and it offers many lucrative manufacturing friendly properties. It is widely used in many industries due to its excellent attributes like capability to make complex part designs, huge material and color options, enhanced strength and many others.

Benefits of Using our Injection Molding Services

The benefits of using our injection molding services are many. Few of them are discussed below

Increased Productivity

We can use the same mold again and again to produce a component any number of times. If we want the same geometry with distinct characteristics and functionality then we only need to change the material.

Competitive Edge over Market Players

Companies enjoying our injection molding services have a competitive advantage over other market players. They can order hundreds of thousands of products in one go. Products producing at faster and quick rates will qualify them to leverage over their competitors.

Comparatively Cheaper Productions

Injection molding offers cost effective productions. Since whole process is automated and requires very little human involvement. So business and entrepreneurs can use our cost efficient services to enhance their enterprises and startups.



If you are confused whether this service is meant for your business needs or not. Then don’t worry! You just contact us. We ask your requirements and your product use. After doing assessment, we will let you know if injection molding is suitable for you or not. CONTACT US HERE!

We are exceptionally capable to provide reliable and efficient injection molding services. Our state of the art machinery and seasoned team makes us a leading player in this field. Our injection molding capabilities are plastic molding, insert molding, over molding, and family molding.

Injection molding offers many manufacturing friendly advantages. Few include increased productivity, diverse material range, superb durability and efficiency, cost-effectiveness, high-precision mass-production, capability to produce complex geometrical parts etc.

The time to complete injection molding process generally depend on material availability, design complexity, required surface quality etc. and customer requirements. But generally, it takes 7 – 10 days to complete your project.