Mass Production Services

Mass production is a type of manufacturing process that involves the production of the same products in large quantities, often in simultaneous batches. We mass produce goods and products with assembly lines and automated procedures, which optimizes production and enables a greater and more efficient output.

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Our team is highly committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality possible. From the point we receive the order to the moment of delivery, we make sure to follow the top industry standards in everything we do.


We strive to offer the best and most reasonable prices in the market. Especially with our mass manufacturing services, we make sure to help you save money with our automated processes.

Fast Turnaround

With our automated production equipment, efficient team, and solid assembly line, we guarantee timely production and delivery every time.

Satisfactory customer Services

We aim to offer the best customer service throughout the project and even beyond, if needed.

Our Mass Production Working Process

Here is the typical working order to expect when you hire us for our mass production services:

Enviar solicitud

Envíe su solicitud de presupuesto gratuito con una descripción y un dibujo técnico de su producto. Si no dispone de dibujo técnico, no se preocupe. Podemos realizar ingeniería inversa.

DFM y presupuesto

Solemos responderle en un plazo de 24 horas.

Mold-making & Machining

Once you approve the quote and make the deposit, we start working on the initial work of tooling, creating the stamping die, preparing a CNC machine, and so on.


Embalado, etiquetado y enviado a su puerta a tiempo

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Our Advanced Mass Production Solutions

We offer multiple mass production solutions to ensure the best outcomes that are cost-effective, fast and customized according to your needs. Our advanced mass production techniques include:
Nickel plating for CNC machined steel part

Mecanizado CNC

We use the latest CNC Machining technologies that allow us to offer on-demand services with a quick turnaround at any quantity, including mass production and high volume.

Moldeo por inyección de plásticos

With our advanced and high-tech plastic injection molding machines, we are fully capable of accepting high-volume orders and getting your plastic parts customized, manufactured, and delivered with speed, quality, and efficiency.

Fundición a presión

We use this method to mass manufacture larger parts in a cost-effective way. We design molds customized to your parts and produce high-volume orders with the highest level of precision, quality, and speed.

Aluminum Extrusion

Using our cutting-edge technology, we can offer custom extrusions and handle large volume orders while preserving our high quality and guaranteeing durability.

Most Common Materials used for Mass Production

The materials that we commonly use in our mass production process include various plastic, metal, and composite manufacturing options. The metals we work with typically include aluminum, magnesium, steel, titanium, brass, and more. The plastics we work with include ABS, ABS+PC, PC, PP, PEEK, POM, Acrylic (PMMA), Teflon, PS, HDPE, PPS, DHPE, PA6, PA66, PEI, PVC, PET, PPS, PTFE, and more.

In addition, we can also source and use any other material you want that will match the desired application of your part.

Colorful injection molding plastics


Our mass manufacturing process produces small to large part sizes with tight tolerances and high precision. Our general tolerance limits for mass-produced metals and plastics can, however be affected by the material type, size, and geometry.


No matter how large your order is, we are fully capable of providing high-quality finishing touches to each item in your project. Finishes can be applied for both aesthetics and functionality as per your requirements.

Our mass finishing methods include:

Shot Blasting

The parts are kept in a chamber, where small particles of metal are shot or blasted at their surface. It removes edges and smooths out the surface of components. It is also an effective way to remove rust formation or chemicals left behind from the components forming process.

Tumble Finishing

The parts are kept in a large barrel that holds abrasive media and cleaning agents. The barrel revolves in a circular motion, and the components and media roll together. This abrasive action removes burrs, and the aggressive action of tumbling is well-suited to durable metal parts.

Vibratory Finishing

The parts are kept in an enormous bowl that holds abrasive media and cleaning agents. The bowl vibrates at a massively high rate, turning the media up and down while revolving in a circular motion, the components moving with it.


The parts are kept in chambers holding media and cleaning agents, and the Harperizer creates a tumbling process that uses G forces to finish parts.


Industry Application

Mass production is a highly useful and one of the most popular manufacturing processes that give benefits to diverse industries. Some of the top industries using mass production include:

Tools and Utensils

The Textile Industry


Paper industry

Our Strengths for Mass Production Services

Fast Services

We understand that time is of essence when it comes to the production of goods and products. When you need a new part, you need it fast. That’s why we focus on producing products quickly and efficiently.

High Quality

Although we aim to deliver outcomes as quickly as possible, that does not make us compromise on the quality. We make sure that each product, no matter how large the volume of production is, has the highest level of quality.

ABS thin walled parts application
Parts made by titanium machining

Reliable Production

Our manufacturing processes enable us to meet our customers’ needs in the best way possible. Our clients trust us to meet their mass production needs as we are a highly dependable and responsive team.

Top-Of-The-Line Manufacturing Equipment

We are equipped with the best tools, equipment, and technology to serve you in the best way. Our dedicated mass production equipment allows us to provide a diverse range of parts, meet clients’ requirements, and effectively fulfill orders.

What is Mass Production?

Mass production is the production of bulky amounts of standardized products in a constant flow. This manufacturing method typically follows automated processes and assembly lines. The process of mass production is also known as flow production and continuous production.

This product is also known as flow production, repetitive flow production, serial production, and series production. The process of mass production allows companies to meet consumer demands at a lower cost as more products are manufactured at the same time.

Benefits of Mass Production

Mass production is one of the most popular manufacturing methods for the many advantages it offers to both companies and consumers. These advantages include:

Standardized product

Mass production leads to reliable and consistent product standards as the machinery used will generate the same product each time.

Competitive advantage

Businesses that use the method of mass production for their products may have a market advantage as they are able to reach the market faster and offer lower prices than competitors.


Mass production is a cost-efficient manufacturing process, not only for the manufacturers but for the businesses as well. Where manufacturers save money by using automated machines and simultaneous production, businesses also save by limiting product and material losses and fast production.


With mass production, companies can produce and distribute large quantities of products quickly, allowing them to serve more customers and deliver goods a lot more conveniently.

Expanded market

When businesses use mass production, they are able to sell and distribute more products as they have more products to offer.


The top advantages of mass production are:

  • Standardized products
  • Cost savings
  • Convenient
  • A High volume of production

The primary disadvantage of mass production is inflexibility.

Simply upload your product details and/or CAD files, and we will send you a free quotation within 48 hours or even less.

Yes, 3D printing can be used for mass production. However, it won’t be as cost-effective as it is for low-volume manufacturing.

Yes, mass production is typically more cost-effective. However, it also depends upon the nature and frequency of your products.