Rapid Tooling Services

Rapid tooling, also called bridge tooling or prototype tooling, is a speedy and cost-effective way to carry out low-volume injection molding for different types of plastic parts.

Why Choose Us

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High Quality

When it comes to quality, we never compromise. We have state-of-art, high-tech tooling equipment and experienced team members to ensure the top-level quality of all the moldings that we produce.

Diverse Material Options

No matter what your rapid tooling needs are, we will provide for you. Our rapid tooling process gives you a wide range of material options as any material available for injection molding can be molded by the rapid tooling process.

Fast Lead Times

Our rapid tooling experts ensure faster lead times as compared to other conventional tooling processes. We help you reach the market quicker by shortening lead times to weeks or even days.

Customizable Finishing

Our Rapid Tooling specialists work in partnership with the client to understand their needs and produce tailor-made moldings accordingly. Our customizable finishing options allow you to have different finishing techniques according to your needs.

How To Work With Us

The rapid tooling process involves the manufacturing of molds using steel or aluminum, hand-load inserts, and a stocked mold base. This production technique is especially useful for small-volume productions as its quick and highly cost-efficient.

Our rapid tooling service is specifically designed to deliver parts in the shortest possible timeframes. So, if speedy delivery is what you are looking for, this production process may be what you need.

Here is the typical working order to expect when you hire us for our rapid tooling services:

Submit Request

Submit quote request with a description and technical drawing of your product. In case of no technical drawing, no worries. We can reverse engineer.

DFM & Quotation

We usually get back to you within 48 hours.

Casting & Machining

Once you approve the quote and make the deposit, we start working on the initial work of tooling, creating the stamping die, preparing a CNC machine, and so on.


Packaged, labeled, and shipped to your door right on time

Reliable, Affordable, and High-quality Rapid Tooling Services?

This is where you get it all. Request your free quote today, and enjoy the best rapid tooling services.

Machining Methods Used for Our Rapid Tooling Services

Our Rapid Tooling Services include:

CNC Machining

We offer accurate CNC machined parts to convert your proposed design/concept into a real object within a short timeframe from 1 to 500+ offs. Our CNC machining services include milling, turning, wire cutting, laser cutting, EDM, laser carving, and more.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting involves the use of a master prototype to make a silicone mold and then pouring the material into the silicone mold. We offer fast turnaround, cost-efficient vacuum cast parts to convert your design/concept from 1 to 100+ offs.

3D Printing

3D printing is the quickest and most reasonable option for rapid tooling. We offer a total of six different 3d printing technologies for rapid prototyping, from low-cost & extremely fast technologies to technologies better suited for functional testing.

Most Common Materials Used for Rapid Tooling

Nylon GF’s

This is a thermoplastic material known for its resistance to abrasion. It is commonly used to make thermos flask internal walls as it regulates heat and cold remarkably well.


This material is typically important in injection molding. With exceptionally high resistance to chemical reactions, it is commonly used to make conduits for chemical transfers. It is one of the most non-reactive and resistant materials that ensure the safe transportation of chemicals from one point to another.


With thermoplastic properties, this material is quite similar to Nylon GF’s. It is normally used to make car screens. Glass made from this kind of material doesn’t easily break as it contains flexible fiber. With its low density, ABS can be used in cars and mobile phones.

PA6 and PA12

PA6 is among the top-class plastics as it is highly durable and features excellent surface finishes. It is normally used to apply top surface finishing like the surface of a car’s dashboard and the surface of electronics like laptop covers and mobile phones.

Other Materials

Some other common materials used for rapid tooling include the POM, which has high resistance to heat and chemicals. It is used to make car plastic parts so that they overcome heating temperatures. LDPE is another common material known for being robust and lightweight.

We make use of all these materials according to your needs. Sometimes, they can also be combined to ensure they have excellent properties that will fulfill the product needs of the client.


We can make surface finishes for the moldings according to the classification system of the Plastics Industry Association using their general surface finishing guidelines. Our finishing options include:


• Painting
• High gloss polishing
• Tinted surface
• Anodized surface

• Chromed and metalized surface
• Sanding
• Symbolizing
• Blasting
• Customized

Industry Application

Rapid Tolling services by us have a large variety of applications across all industries, including:

medical industry

What Sets Our Rapid Tooling Services Apart?

Excellent Efficiency with Mass-Production Quality

We offer a highly experienced team with top-grade equipment to maximize speed and quality.

A Proven
OMOM System

Our proprietary One Man One Mold OMOM approach allows a single expert to take control of your project from start to finish.

Amazing Prices for
Every Project

We never require a minimum order volume, and we use state-of-the-art quotation algorithms to get our clients reasonable pricing according to their needs.


We utilize industry-leading equipment to ensure that our rapid tooling services are completed to your 100% satisfaction.

What is Rapid Tooling Services

Rapid tooling (RT) is a technology that enables the production of a tool or product quickly. It is a method that provides a quick way to transform a conceptualized or proposed idea of a product into a real fabricated product.

It involves the use of rapid prototyping processes, like 3D printing, to boost the speed and reduce the time taken by the manufacturing process.

Once the mold, aluminum or steel, has been manufactured with this process, it can be used to create moldings in a limited time. It can also serve the purpose of bridging the demand and supply gap, especially for high-volume productions.

Benefits of Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling offers a number of advantages over other conventional types of prototype production. Some of its best benefits include:

Fast processing

Rapid tooling delivers fast results, so the transition from development to production is very short.

Ability to Customize

The rapid tooling process allows advanced customization of molds so that you can tailor-make the moldings specifically according to your requirements.

It Saves Time

Rapid tooling is time-saving as it eliminates the need to produce molds, patterns, and dedicated tools, unlike conventional tooling processes.

It Saves Money

Rapid tooling creates parts as full-scale production, so you can use these parts directly for impact and stress testing without proceeding to an expensive tooling process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid tooling is a fast and cost-effective manufacturing process to produce real objects in a selected material of your choice. It is specially used to create quick prototypes for testing and for low-volume manufacturing to analyze the market.

We make sure to deliver the molding as quickly as possible as rapid tooling is a fast process. However, the specific duration of the process depends on the size and geometry of the parts.

Our rapid tooling service ensured reduced tooling time without reducing quality. We do this with harsh material testing with a streamlined manufacturing process. Moreover, we always assign a single tooling expert to a project who makes your tools from start to finish.

There is no restriction to material choice when it comes to the rapid tolling process. You can select any plastic available for mass production, including common silicone and rubber materials.

Simply upload your product details and/or CAD files, and we will send you a free quotation within 48 hours or even less.

The molding produced by rapid tooling has the quality of end-use parts.