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The use of CNC manufacturing process in the automotive industry has grown rapidly over the past few years and at Prototool we make sure to provide you with the most desired and high standard CNC manufacturing processed materials. Along with that, our engineers also excel in providing you with the most effective services with the quickest deliveries. We offer a range of manufacturing processes including, die casting, sheet metal casting, injection molding and vacuum casting. At prototool, We have covered a range of 1000 projects utilizing the need of the CNC manufacturing process which makes it the most reliable and effective manufacturing process for the automotive industry. The CNC manufacturing process has revolutionized the manufacturing of materials in the automotive industry for the past couple of years and Prototool has been serving the clients ever since.

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The automotive industry requires materials that are extremely precise and accurate in order to fit inside the vehicles in the right order. Therefore the need for CNC manufacturing process has multifold advantages in this field. For the automotive industry, the CNC manufacturing process keeps a track of the flow of the work that is being progressed which makes it extremely fast and effective. Utilizing only a few number of commands, the CNC manufacturing makes all the materials come to the right precision effectively.

Likewise, the injection molding process is used to make automotive parts such as lamp covers. The manufacturing of metal parts is effectively done with the use of sheet metal casting. Whereas, the process of CNC machining is utilized for making products such as motor covers.

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Our capabilities for the Automotive Industry

At Prototool, We make sure to provide the customers with a standardized service of CNC manufacturing.  We also provide the customers with a wide assortment of plastic as well as other material products that they can choose from to finalize their products. The automotive industry requires the manufacturing of different parts that our experts provide them with.

We use plastic injection molding in automotive industry to manufacture plastic car parts. This allows you to customize the size, shape and color of the plastic parts used in cars.

Manufacturers in Prototool utilize die casting for it’s choice of materials. It uses aluminum or brass which is lightweight and can be used effectively.

A casting technique used to make inexpensive prototypes using polyurethane that has a remarkably attractive cosmetic appearance.

Manufacturing Process


You can easily reach out to us to get a free quote about your requirement of manufactured products.


For the process of creating a design for manufacturing, our expert engineers strive to provide the best sample for you to choose from.


Customers can choose from many services including CNC machining, plastic injection molding etc. depending on the exquisite needs and the precise production of the parts that are required.


We strive to deliver the required products through shipping in a very short time period and as soon as the products are manufactured.

Why Choose Us

You can choose our extensive and high standard quality services for a number of reasons.

Swift service

We work as an extremely fast service and provide results in a period of 24 hours.

IATF 16949 & ISO9001 Quality control

Our experts make sure to ensure the quality control of the materials that are being used in the process of CNC manufacturing.

On time delivery

We promise on time delivery of the desired products.

Affordable quotes

We provide the clients with the most affordable quotes and that come in a matter of a few hours only.

Our Amazing Partners

Our partners in this industry exist in a multitude of countries and can vouch for our services at any time.  We have worked relentlessly for years to earn this position in the automotive industry.

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