Prototool has always strived to make the world a better place for everyone, be it through providing parts for the latest, most advanced medical equipment or the most demanded automotive industry. With the use of ideal materials and first-rate manufacturing techniques, we help in expanding the marketplace on a large economic scale.

List of Our Top Industries

Our focus is not limited to just one particular industry as we efficiently have adapted and spread our wings to a great diversity of the industrial marketplace. Currently, the most demanded industries that we offer our services include:

Automotive parts supplied to help fine-tune performance, improve designs of vehicles, increase efficiency, etc.

Building a healthier world for all by providing medical, dental, and surgical equipment parts, orthopedic implants, bone plates and substitutes, health monitoring devices, PPE, drug delivery services, etc.

Strong, sturdy parts for low weight, fuel-efficient, and high-performing aircraft parts.

Leading the market of consumer electronics, chipset technology, and semiconductors.



Our skilled engineers make wide categories of robots, their parts, machine parts for robotic applications, and much more.



Providing machine parts to encourage hands-on learning approaches that are more practical and crucial to learning setups.

computer hardware

Hardware and Startups

For startups that need the right push with quick testing, design improvements, pilot runs, and marketing to investors.


Consumer electronics

Parts needed for all kinds of consumer products built with great accuracy and customer-friendly designs.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry