Injection molding FAQ

If you are confused whether this service is meant for your business needs or not. Then don’t worry! You just contact us. We ask your requirements and your product use. After doing assessment, we will let you know if injection molding is suitable for you or not. CONTACT US HERE!

We are exceptionally capable to provide reliable and efficient injection molding services. Our state of the art machinery and seasoned team makes us a leading player in this field. Our injection molding capabilities are plastic molding, insert molding, over molding, and family molding.

Injection molding offers many manufacturing friendly advantages. Few include increased productivity, diverse material range, superb durability and efficiency, cost-effectiveness, high-precision mass-production, capability to produce complex geometrical parts etc.

The time to complete injection molding process generally depend on material availability, design complexity, required surface quality etc. and customer requirements. But generally, it takes 7 – 10 days to complete your project.

CNC Machining FAQ

CNC machining is a process which is used for designing machine parts that may either be porotypes or ready to be put into mass production. Being one of the most popular processes for custom manufacturing, it can handle irregular geometries of intricate parts and even used to produce for mass production of parts once a prototype is approved.

We support a number of file formats to ensure we always meet the requirements of our clients. This includes popular formats of .stp, .sldprt, and .psm/.par. Moreover, we make sure to work with our clients to the end so they get their desired result designed to utter perfection. This is the value we stand for.

At Prototool, not only do we have 3 axis and 4 axis CNC milling, but we also have 5 axis(HAAS) CNC milling services. All of these services provide excellent results except when you need finer quality results, we suggest 5-axis CNC milling service instead of 3 axis or 4 axis milling services. Moreover, our CNC turning service employee a variety of tools and state-of-the-art software that ensures your desired components are created with accuracy and precision.

CNC machining has a ton of benefits to offer. This includes but is not limited to accuracy, precision, fast turnaround, versatility of solutions, ability to work with a number of materials, and being an overall economic solution in comparison to other solutions present in the market.

The cost of a CNC machined part is determined by the following four factors. 1) time required for machining, 2) type of material selected, 3) the geometry of the part to be machined, and 4) the startup cost of the project. Besides the stated requirements of the client, we try to make sure we take a course of action that leads to low cost without compromising the quality of the product produced. To determine cost for your project, you can request a free quote.

Urethane casting FAQ

You can send us an email to the sales@prototool.com, or submit online form by sending us the following information about your project: material requested, number of parts, finishes, and 2D/3D master files in your possession. Upon receipt of these items, we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

Our typical molds are made from silicone and made in two parts, a core and a cavity. We create a three-dimensional master pattern, print it, and then complete the mold by pouring the silicone around the master after. The customer can also provide the master pattern. We can also produce tooling with Urethane and aluminum, depending on requirements.

Twenty-five parts per mold per cavity is a standard. More or fewer parts are possible depending upon the material and geometry.

Multi cavity molds are a good option for production prototypes. We can make multiple cavities of the same part in the same mold. Additionally, the same mold may contain various parts. Thus, the same material allows us to set up, pour the parts, and de-mold all the parts simultaneously.

Urethane is a great option when building up product demand before spending more cost on injection mold tooling.

Rapid prototyping FAQ

Rapid prototyping is a quick method to evaluate the appearance and functionality of your design. Prototypes are also commonly used in business planning, where they can be demonstrated to possible future investors and customers.

Our rapid prototyping services are characterized by the breadth of our complementary services. CNC machining, vacuum throwing, plastic injection shaping, finishing, and expert design aid are among them.