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La empresa de moldeo que satisface todas las necesidades de producción: Prototool

You have already decided that choosing the molding company would be used in the production of your next project, right? The next step is picking the right firm to work with you to materialize this vision. Here, you can always rely on the molding company offering extensive service options, manufacturing customization, quality preference freedom, and more benefits. One such trusted name of a medium-sized company is Prototool. However, more than just hearing some praiseworthy details are needed to make a reliable, trustable, and profitable decision for the molding company.

You should hire a company with complete confidence to help you through this procedure. You’ll want to choose a leader who can see the project from inception to completion with the same focus and accuracy they brought to the initial idea. An ideal group would be able to do this with maximum precision, minimum waste, minimum expensey maximum quality.

mold making from the molding company

Considering all this, how do you choose the injection molding service that best meets your needs? This article will help you explore what should and should not be present in a reliable and professional mold company and how Prototool meets these demands.

The Must-Have’s:

· Effectiveness:

The process of plastic injection molding is very delicate, and you cannot afford to make any blunders in this area. Working with a completely clueless corporation regarding what is expected of them is the last thing you want to do. Examining the portfolio of a molding company before making a hiring decision is one of the best ways to identify qualified businesses. Investigate their previous customers as well as their rate of success.

You will have some idea of what to anticipate from them based on previous projects that are analogous to the one you are working on that they have worked on. In addition, for how long have they been providing these services to customers? Have they received any honors or awards in the past? These are the factors that will indicate the level of expertise had by the service providers.

In addition to ensuring they adhere to your requirements, you should check to see that the organization has a good reputation and is well-known for providing services of the highest possible quality. You may find out this information by evaluating the standard of their máquina de moldeo por inyección and the productivity it provides. To deliver services promptly and consistently, they should have access to high-quality and effective machinery. Verify that their finished items are smooth and free from unwelcome sharp fringes by inspecting them once they have been completed.

rapid prototyping service

· Cost-Effectiveness:

When searching for the best injection molding firm, another factor to think about is how affordable their services are. You should get the answer to reduce the amount of money and time spent on it; hence, you should look for a business that allows you to do just that. First, establish a budget depending on how much you believe you can afford to spend on the services comfortably. Keep in mind that operating your business requires you to pay various fees, each of which needs to be considered.

 You may get a better idea of the price range available on the market by comparing the prices offered by various companies. Because cost is such a sensitive issue, you must exercise extreme caution when selecting a provider based on their pricing structure. You shouldn’t let just one thing determine your course of action. A low price may indicate poor quality services; as a result, you need to exercise extreme caution to avoid falling prey to con artists and being ripped off. On the other hand, paying a hefty price can mean something other than receiving high-quality services.

Delivery Timing and Availability:

When it comes to injection molding with plastic, getting from the idea stage to the finished product takes some time. You want to work with a molding company that can provide your product in the shortest possible time, but the amount of time required to complete each project will vary. To guarantee that you receive the products on time, it is necessary for the two parties involved to maintain open communication throughout the manufacturing process.

You will now have the opportunity to discuss any limitations before it is too late to do so. If there is a need for any modifications, you can inform them at the appropriate moment rather than finding out about the problems when the project is in its final stage. In this situation, therefore, you need to consider their communication and customer support to figure out if they can deliver the job within the allotted amount of time.

delivery on time

· The Technologies They Use:

Not all plastic injection molding companies have the technology necessary for producing high-quality designs that can also be manufactured. You should look for a molder that offers parts design and prototyping services and can deliver a quick response from manufacturing. In addition, you want a solution provider who will supply you with an in-depth mold flow analysis in addition to the conventional services they offer. Selecting a business that uses cutting-edge technology saves you time and reduces expenses, guarantees that the goods you purchase are of the highest possible quality, and expedites the shipping process.

If you keep these characteristics in mind while searching for the ideal source of plastic injection molding services, you can feel confident that you will find the best option. You should always prioritize quality over quantity and cost. You will be able to concentrate on other matters and leave the molding process to professionals if you ensure that the service providers for your molding project are worthy of your trust.

Seven ‘Not Acceptable’ Aspects of The Mold Company You Investigate:

1. There needs to be a formal quality management system in place.

The most concerning sign, even if it is the most visible to many seasoned importers, is the need for a robust QMS.

Even after all of the documented quality disasters that occurred during China’s manufacturing golden period, many of which involved some of the world’s largest corporations, many factories continue to play Russian roulette when it comes to ensuring quality at every stage of the manufacturing journey.

Hence, it’s essential to understand that they are all cut from different cloth when it comes to vigilantly upholding quality.

Working with a molding company that needs a clear quality management system poses various risks.

Because there is no continuous improvement strategy, the number of problems detected include:

  • Apathy among coworkers 
  • decreased efficiency
  • Fees and expenses, in general, rise.

Inquire about the quality control systems, including quality inspections at the start and end of production, random sampling, and a pre-shipment inspection.

You should inquire about the certifications and compliance standards the molding company upholds to get a feel of whether or not it is committed to decreasing defectos and raising yields.

formal quality management system discuss

2. The post of general manager needs more technical skills.

The sales department will likely be your initial point of contact with a potential partner. However, in our experience, agreeing to your request for an audience with their general manager is a good measure of how much your partner regards the business prospect the molding company brings to them.

  • Managers in charge of large businesses may have significant sales backgrounds but little technical competence.
  • Getting connected with a corporation that does not prioritize your needs is a warning sign.
  • When a company’s senior executives don’t respect your feedback, it isn’t easy to understand how you can create a mutually beneficial relationship with them.
  • Does not know what’s going on in their factory and cares not?

The person responsible for streamlining the supply chain to facilitate your company’s success is the most qualified to assure you of the molding company’s efficient operation.

3. Without the direct engagement of an engineer, there are no sales representatives who can address your problems.

As a follow-up to the last red flag, the company’s technological competence should be wider than the CEO, CTO, or head of production.

How a molding firm handles technical questions can tell you a lot about its capacity to address your needs and concerns — and whether or not they invest in its training.

If the salesperson says they need to consult with an engineer before telling you how their services would benefit you, that’s a red flag that you’re in for many useless back-and-forths.

A salesperson must have complete confidence in and know the items or services they are offering to sell you without selling them to you.

Language proficiency is no guarantee that a person understands the project’s requirements and context.

4. The preventative Maintenance Program Is Inadequate

Ensuring that machinery is repaired at regular, predetermined periods benefits the organization and its personnel in multiple ways.

Factories without a machine maintenance program are more prone to inaccurate calibration, inadequate cleanliness, and suboptimal operational conditions for their machines.

When equipment fails in the middle of a production run, it can create a chain reaction of difficulties, including increased errors, rework, delivery delays, and more significant production costs.

Inquiring about preventative maintenance will ensure that your firm receives the same level of attention and care as theirs.

5. No systematic training program is in existence.

The devil employs both a busy mind and a busy hand.

While the statement above may conjure up images of a more sinister nature, the absence of a defined training process within a business is a similar red flag that will impact the efficacy and efficiency of the employees.

It is also likely that production halts and orders will only be fulfilled if acceptable methods to encourage knowledge transfer and support employee growth are in place.

You’ll always be able to step in for an absent worker and keep the show going smoothly if you partner with a plastic injection molding company that invests in its employees’ futures with a tried-and-true training program.

This is an issue that many importers may not think of right away, but it can be brought up to a potential business partner to catch them off guard and provide them with the information they need to make a more informed decision.

6. There are no production, quality, or traceability records.

It is only possible to determine what constitutes quality within the molding company with a quality management system because no records of measurable data exist.

A corporation cannot know how many errors occurred during manufacturing, what type of problems occurred, or where the defects may have been situated if it does not maintain track of its products and their quality.

With this, it will be easier to identify and rectify problems in the supply chain.

As the importer, you would be staring down the barrel at some significant quality issues you can avoid if you have a partner company that knew what their quality looked like from the start.

When was the last time your factory was audited, and who conducted it?

Could you send me the findings of your factory’s quality inspections?

How does your company manage flaws?

What are the acceptable behavior thresholds in your organization?

If you already know the answers to these questions and how they relate to your company’s needs standards, you may skip straight through the mud.

7. There is no system to manage material ordering.

Quality plastic components are only as good as the plastics used to produce them.

Any professional injection molding company that genuinely cares about satisfying your every demand will gladly inform you about their exclusive network of high-quality raw-materials suppliers (so ask them).

The acquisitions manager requires a way to keep this supply hidden. You face the danger of obtaining substitute or composite components, lower-quality plastic, or even an entirely different type of plastic than you asked for if you need a system to monitor and regulate the materials you buy.

Plastics differ in flexibility, hardness, shrinkage, and other properties. Using the proper material in your diseño de moldes is critical, leading to my second red flag.

8. Inadequate Internal Design Capacity

Often, producers and salespeople will tell clients whatever they want to hear to make a sale.

However, the company you’re choosing needs skilled in-house design resources to give you the critical feedback you need to ensure project success. In that case, you should pause and analyze this claim carefully.

After all, your collaborator’s responsibility is to point out any defects in the design or materials selected by your in-house team so that you may make the necessary changes.

They may lose your business if they continually say “Yes” to your requests only to keep the peace.

It is critical to design with manufacturing in mind from the beginning.

A skilled team will look at the big picture, question your assumptions, and make solutions to help cut your injection molding costs and provide you with more peace of mind.

Before committing, chat with their design staff or, better yet, send them your mold drawings, ask for pricing, and keep an eye out for the level of detail they supply.

How Prototool Meets The Production Demands of Customers?

It’s The Vision Behind The Molding Company That Tells It All:

The sole purpose of Prototool is to rapidly transform your groundbreaking concepts into usable, marketable, and profitable products. Our prototipado rápido y mass production services are unmatched in China regarding reliability, speed, cost-effectiveness, originality, and flexibility. Prototool manufactures everything from prototypes to final products, using only the finest materials and cutting-edge machinery.

To ensure that the molding company manages all the production tasks with utmost safety and professionalism, we work with a team of certified professionals. Specifically, you can find the technicians and workforce here to have ISO 9001:2015 y IATF 16949:2016 certifications and provide low to medium-volume manufacturing, quick tooling, and exquisite finishing services to meet the needs of diverse customers and their production demands. Prototool also emphasizes using only the latest technologies and premium components. These viewpoints and focus of the mold company make it stand out in the competition from most of the other primary and medium-sized companies.

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Production Options We Offer:

· Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a service that Prototool, a reputable manufacturing company, provides to its precious customers to help them create the most effective prototypes possible for our products and machines. We have access to a wide range of methods and materials and can use whatever you choose to construct prototypes.

rapid prototyping service

· Production with a Low Number of Units

Prototool can support you even when it comes to high-quality manufacturing with low-volume production requirements. We make hundreds of parts suitable for multi-purpose usage the clients by utilizing our accelerated, upgraded, and superior manufacturing services.

· Producing on a Large Scale

Your company is the focus of the company’s manufacturing efforts, which result in the creation of a significant number of components and finished goods in large quantities that are identical to the prototype. People craft these goods from the most appropriate materials and use cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

· Molding Done Using Injections

You can also anticipate that the experts in this location will work with an extraordinary variety of materials, setups, colors, and other factors. The ultimate shape of the component is determined by injecting molten material under high pressure into molds, which are subsequently cooled to produce the shape. Preparing the material, loading, heating, injecting, cooling, and ejecting are the six simple phases that make up the overall operation.

What’s More? A Wide Range of Service For All Your Production Needs:

As the molding company that has served and won the trust of endless clients and customers’ production demands in a wide array of production industries, Prototool offers many service options. It includes:

  • Moldeo por inyección
    • Moldeo por inyección de plástico
    • Sobremoldeado
    • Moldeo por inserción
    • Family mold
  • Mecanizado CNC
    • Fresado
    • Girar
  • Creación rápida de prototipos
  • Fabricación de bajo volumen
  • Producción en serie
  • Fundición a presión
  • Rapid tooling
  • Fabricación de moldes
    • Prototype molding
    • Production tooling
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Vacuum casting

Final Verdict:

With an extensive set of services, an advanced infrastructure, a solid workforce, and certified handling and production management tasks, Prototool is undeniably a trustworthy company fulfilling your small and medium-batch production needs.

So if you’re looking for a trusted production company that offers extensive services while maintaining time demands and production quality per the industry you work in. In that case, Prototool is undeniably the right choice.

Para más detalles y consultas, no dude en póngase en contacto con our professional team.

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