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Causas y soluciones del alabeo en el moldeo por inyección

productos de plástico con alabeo en el moldeo por inyección

Warpage, the injection molders‘ nemesis! It’s a common problem, especially during the fine-tuning process. Now picture a part that should match the cavity but decides to deviate, resulting in a warped section. In this scenario, even non-experts can spot the bending or twisting. So what do you do in this situation? Simple: avoid unintentional bending […]

Vacíos en el moldeo por inyección: Desentrañando el defecto más común en el moldeo por inyección

vacío en el moldeo por inyección

Although the plastics manufacturing business has been more productive thanks to plastic injection molding service, its finished products don’t always meet the client’s expectations. From lack of efficiency in managing the injection molding process to operating errors, production errors, and whatnot – different aspects of this production approach can lead to common injection molding defects. […]

¿Decoloración en piezas moldeadas por inyección? Aquí le explicamos cómo repararla.

producto Decoloración tras el moldeo por inyección

Injection molding discoloration is a variation from the plastic’s base color. Overheating, contamination, and faulty production could all contribute to this faulty component. The degree to which a flaw in the part’s coloring due to thermal degradation is evident varies with the severity of the degradation. To avoid this problem, it’s important to have a […]

Análisis en profundidad de las marcas de quemaduras en el moldeo por inyección

marcas de quemaduras

“Burn marks” are a type of flaw in injection molded parts that manifest as a blackened edge near the very end of the cavity-filling process. Air that becomes trapped in the injection mold’s cavities causes burn marks. As the plastic was pumped into the mold, it compressed the air inside the cavities to the point […]