L'essentiel de l'usinage : la relation et les formules de calcul de l'avance, de la profondeur de coupe et de la vitesse de coupe

Vitesse d'avance, profondeur de coupe et vitesse de coupe

Les paramètres de coupe sont l'ensemble des facteurs qui définissent le monde dynamique de l'usinage. Ces facteurs englobent le trio fondamental de la vitesse de coupe, de la vitesse d'avance et de la profondeur de coupe. Leur orchestration a une influence profonde sur les performances de toute opération d'usinage. Dans ces paramètres, deux catégories distinctes émergent, chacune servant des objectifs distincts. Les [...]

Fonctionnement correct du fraisage conventionnel et du fraisage par escalade

le broyage conventionnel et le broyage en aval

Le fraisage joue un rôle essentiel dans l'industrie manufacturière, façonnant d'innombrables produits et composants que nous utilisons quotidiennement. Lorsque la précision est primordiale, il est essentiel de comprendre les nuances entre les différentes techniques de fraisage. L'une d'entre elles consiste à distinguer le fraisage conventionnel (ou fraisage vers le haut) du fraisage en aval (ou fraisage vers le bas). Définitions du fraisage conventionnel et du fraisage en aval Dans [...]

Découvrez comment transformer un bloc d'acier rouillé en ce que vous voulez

tournage d'acier rond

Turning a rusty steel block into a pristine workpiece is both an art and a science. Our video showcases the meticulous process of round steel machining, where advanced techniques and precision tools work in tandem. Witness the transformation as the rough, oxidized surface gives way to a smooth, circular finish, ready for any application. It’s […]

Production de masse CNC pour les pièces en plastique et en métal

Production de masse CNC

In CNC mass production, efficiency meets precision at every turn. However, while the results are consistently high-quality, initiating such large-scale machining endeavors often comes with a heftier price tag. It’s the trade-off between unparalleled quality and initial investment.

Fraisage de rainures pour la structure de base des moules

Fraisage de rainures

Groove milling is a step when shaping mold base structures. It’s all about carving out slots or channels, helping mold parts fit and work together perfectly. Using classic milling machines, this method makes sure every groove is just right, which is super important for a mold’s lifespan and how well it works.

CNC Boring? 🎥More Like CNC Exciting! 🎉

Alésage CNC

CNC machining is renowned for its precision in turning and milling operations. However, its capabilities extend far beyond these processes. In our latest video demonstration, we delve into the intricate world of CNC drilling and boring. These operations, while perhaps less discussed, are equally vital in the realm of precision machining. Witness firsthand how CNC seamlessly integrates turning, milling, drilling, and boring to produce components of unparalleled accuracy and quality.

🦁CNC Lion Prototyping Excellence

CNC lion king prototype

Ever wondered how a block transforms into a majestic lion? Dive in! 🌊 Witness the magic of CNC-crafted lion sculptures in our latest video. From the first design sketch ✏️ to the intricate detailing of its regal mane, see the art of lion creation come alive with CNC. It’s not just machining; it’s a journey from raw material to roaring masterpiece! 🌟

CNC Machining By Continuous CNC Rotation

CNC rotation

Witness the precision and technique as the machine performs continuous spins, offering a 360-degree view of the machining process. From seamless turns to uninterrupted circular movements, explore the nuances of rotational CNC machining. This demonstration provides a comprehensive insight into the art and mechanics behind every perfectly executed CNC spin.

CNC Machining Service China Factory (CNC Machining Supplier In China) List

Usinage CNC Usine de Chine

Note: This list does not make any recommendations for Chinese CNC machining factories. The establishment time of the factory, the number of CNCs, geographical location, and number of employees do not represent everything. We recommend that you consider the specific circumstances of your project and comprehensively evaluate the machining capabilities, design capabilities, cost, quotation, areas […]

Conseils d'experts sur la CNC : Le chemin pour devenir un maître


In the dynamic realm of CNC machining, every detail matters. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, there’s always a way to do things better and more efficiently. We’ve been at the forefront of CNC manufacturing, and over the years, we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge. To help you navigate the intricacies of CNC operations, […]