Allgemeine Grundsätze der Konstruktion von Kunststoffteilen für das Spritzgießen

Überlegungen zur Konstruktion von Kunststoffteilen

Experienced product designers deeply understand injection molding processes and consider numerous factors in plastic part design. This article focuses on essential elements such as wall thickness, draft angles, ribs, holes, pillars, snaps, interference fits, and tolerances in plastic molded part design. Wall Thickness In Plastic Parts Design Determining the appropriate wall thickness is crucial. Other […]

Welche Grundlagen sind für eine exzellente Produktstrukturierung erforderlich?


Product structural design refers to the process of designing the physical aspects of products, such as digital devices and home appliances, after their external appearance has been conceptualized. How to understand the definition of “Product Structural Design” This design phase bridges the gap between the aesthetic design and the manufacturing process. For instance, in the […]