Prototype Mold Making Services

Prototool’s Prototype Mold Making is the ideal process for the on-demand manufacturing of affordable & high quality prototypes in a short matter of time. Proficient in a variety of molding techniques, ranging from plastics to variety of rubbers and other malleable metals, we help you develop molds that allow for rapid prototyping before a product is finalized. It is a fundamental process for achieving reliable results before a product is put into final production. It is a low-cost procedure that can feasible meet all your product needs in a matter of minutes to even seconds. Prototype casting molds are a poplar industrial practice that we believe can meet all your project needs.

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Why Choose Us

The machining industry is brimming with countless molding companies. But we have some solid reasons to hand over your molding projects (whether plastic injection molds or molds for die casting services) to us. Here’s why:

Wide Range Of Molds

Ranging from injection molding to Rapid Prototyping and 3D printing, we offer a variety of tools and production processes that we believe meet every requirement our clients have to ask of us. we can develop molds that allow you to print as many prototypes as you need with no deterioration in the mold or piece produced.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that prototypes are urgent requirements that need to be either tested on or pitched to investors. This is why our capable team of engineers and technicians are ever-ready to deliver your molds on tight deadlines while ensuring there is never any compromise on quality with a faster access to market or investors.

Improved Mold Highlights

We offer free DFM service to make highly precise molds and define the most complex shapes and designs.

High Quality Molds

Although for prototypes, our molds are still very close to the molds that are used for molding final product. Before you put your product in production, you want to make sure that prototypes hold fast under testing conditions. For that, you need high quality prototype molds that we are known to manufacture and deliver.

Process For making Mold

 Prototype mold making is a complex process the requires the expertise of highly experienced technicians and engineers. A standard procedure for prototype mold making will involve the following steps:

Manufacturability Analysis

The first step is the analysis of the manufacturability of the production mold. If it can be manufactured, we will start on it right away; otherwise, we will provide our DFM report to the client.

Design & Flow Analysis

Next, we employ the use of predictive modelling software that helps us to determine whether the mold will behave as it should or not. We make all the necessary changes and improvements to make sure it will.

Mold Making

The next step involves making the actual mold with the desired material of the customer. For this step, High Quality machines and equipment is used to produce a mold that will perform as intended with the material it will be used for.


Samples are produced from the mold to make sure the end product fits the requirements of the client or if further amendment is needed.


When our engineers are satisfied with the end product, the product is shipped to the customer. Afterwards, we stay in contact with the customer to ensure they are satisfied with the product they have received.

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Prototype Molding Techniques

Among a variety of molds that we offer our customers and work with, we also offer our customer the option to manufacture custom prototype molds for them that will fit their desired application. If your desired Prototype Mold Making Process is not listed above, contact us and order a free quote today!

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding is used for manufacturing prototypes as well as final prduction parts. It invlives using molten plastic or resin that is heated so it can be shot in a mold to take the form of a product when it cools down.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting is a method used to make high-quality prototypes or parts in low volumes without any Soft Tooling cost. This method allows you to take advantage of speed, precision, size, cost, and even volume.

CNC Machining

CNC machining service is a cost-effective and swift method to manufacture high-grade prototypes, high-precision end use parts in an array of engineering-grade materials.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Professional Team

Offering a wide range of prototype molds, we are one of the most prominent mold making companies that is trusted and relied upon by a wide range of customers who believe in our capabilities. Our strong and capable team of engineers have satisfied the needs of hundreds of industry professionals before and we can do the same for you.

Precision & Accuracy

We have allowed industry professionals to create prototypes with high degree of precision & accuracy and limited tolerance. Moreover, we offer guarantee for our parts in terms of thier strength & functionality.

Various Materials

We specialize in prototype mold making that is suitable for a wide range of plastics, thermoplastics, as such, we will help you identify the type of mold suitable for your prototyping needs. You can count on us to make your final products exactly as you wish.

Prototype Mold Making services

Industries That Use Prototype Molds

There are a variety of industries that rely on prototypes for experimentation before they actually shift to mass manufacturing of the final product. This inlcudes

Prototype Mold/Tooling Making FAQs

Key Insights on Prototype Tooling and Mold Manufacturing Services

Where Can I Order a Prototype Mold?

If you want to order a master mold, all you have to do is send in your design specifications and requirements via our website. Our rapid tooling services team will start by reviewing your request-there’s really nothing too difficult about it.

Do You Want Over Molding or Insert Molding?

 So whether you should go the route of over molding or insert molding will be determined by your prototype’s design and functionality requirements–an area in which our experts specialize.

How much time does Rapid Prototype Tooling take?

Lead time for rapid prototype tooling The lead times vary depending on the complexity of molds, but with efficient soft-tooling techniques we are able to produce most prototype molds within a few weeks.

Are Prototype Molds Suitable for Functional Testing?

 Yes, Prototype molds are excellent for functional testing. They give you a chance to see how your parts fit together as well as whether or not they function with the actual design in mind before going into high volume production tooling.

How Much Time Does it Take to Manufacture Custom Production Molds?

How many parts can you make with a prototype mold? Soft tooling molds will produce single-digit numbers, usually anywhere between 10 and several hundred.

Is it possible to adjust a prototype mold according to test results?

Yes, absolutely. Prototype tooling gives you the flexibility of modifying your mold according to initial test results; this approach encourages progressive design improvements.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Prototype Mold?

Costs for prototype mold construction are usually lower than those of production tooling, because the materials used aren’t as durable and they tend to be fabricated in smaller quantities.

Can Rapid Prototype Tooling Be Applied to More Complicated Designs?

Yes, everything can be rapid prototype tooling. First, our manufacturing techniques are mature; secondly we have excellent control over details and complex geometries too.

Are Parts Made from Rapid Prototype Molds Accurate?

Molds mass produced from rapid prototypes are accurate and like the finished product, making them perfect for carrying out functions or fit testing.

What Kinds of Finishes May Be Applied to Models?

Prototype molded parts may be painted, textured and polished to match the appearance of final product.

Is Rapid Prototype Tooling Feasible for Small Enterprises?

However, rapid prototype tooling is most suited for small enterprises selling in low volumes without the expense of production-tool changes.

Are You Able to Up-scale from Prototype Tooling to Production Tooling?

Yes, we can seamlessly transfer from prototype tooling into production tooling. We will get your project up and running promptly in line with the requirements of market demand.