Mold Making Services

Mold making services prepared for injection molding and die casting processes

Prototool has been a leading injection molding service provider since 2012. We offer mold injection and epoxy injection services, including mold repair, plastic injection, and casting. We are catering to the molding needs of multiple industries already using CNC machining, plastic injection molding, and vacuum casting. Other methods we utilize are CNC machining and 3D printing to make molds. Our high precision and quality manufacturing give us an edge as an injection molding service provider in the industry. So if you need injection molding for prototype or production volumes, we have the experience, turnaround times, and expert staff to get the job done right.

Why Choose Us

The machining industry is brimming with countless molding companies. But we have some solid reasons to hand over your molding projects (whether plastic injection molds or molds for die casting services) to us. Here’s why:

One-Stop-Shop for Everything Molding

We are not just another mold-making company; instead, we offer you a full-fledged experience and take care of everything from prototyping to presenting the final product for you.

Top-Tier Quality

We never lose quality in our products. Hence, we ensure that the molding material is of top-notch quality by getting the materials examined by the Positive Material Identification department.

Improved Mold Highlights

We offer free DFM service to make highly precise molds and define the most complex shapes and designs.

Meticulous Project Management System

We double-check the design file of every mold at every step of manufacturing so that the end product is the true translation of the design file we receive.

How To Work With Us

Our Work Process: How Can You Get Your Molding Project Done with Us

Upload A
Design File

You can upload a 3D CAD design file and your specified manufacturing process.

Get Real-Time
DFM Analysis

We'll provide you with a real-time DFM analysis with an estimated quote within a few hours.

You Place
the Order

Once you have reviewed the DFM analysis and the potential cost we proposed for your project, you can proceed to place the order. We'll get started with the manufacturing right after the order placement.

You Receive
the Order

We have a lightning-fast turnaround time and can get done with your order within as fast as 24-hours. Thanks to our digital manufacturing process!

Need Help with the Prototyping of Your Design?

You can talk to our prototyping experts, discuss your product idea, discover its manufacturability, and get the prototype. (You’re just one click away from your next prototype.)

What We Can Do

Services for molding making
Rapid Prototype Molding Services

CNC Machining

Make the most of our advanced and highly precise CNC machining service offering 3, 4, and 5 axis Machining along with turning, milling, surface grinding, and EDM grinding.

Vacuum Casting

Involves the use of a master prototype to make a silicone mold and then pouring the material into the silicone mold. We offer fast turnaround, cost-efficient vacuum cast parts to convert your design/concept from 1 to 100+ offs.

Die Casting

Using the metal of your choice, we will cast for you the parts you desire; now access the service previously only restricted for large-run manufacturing projects for your prototypes.

Tolerances in Molding

There are many different molding tolerances, each suited to specific industry needs. For example, micro-molding uses extremely small (often microscopic) parts and high-precision tolerances for applications in the medical field; structural foam molding uses gas to create a lightweight and cost-effective alternative for furniture components. Tolerances for molded parts can be as precise as +/-0.01 inches.

Material We Used

Plastic injection molding is just what it sounds like. A plastic material–usually a powder or liquid–is mixed with different additives and then fed into a machine that heats the material to a liquid state. The melted material is then injected into a high-temperature steel mold under extreme pressure, which gives the material its shape and texture.

Industry application

Molded parts are used in nearly every industry, from automotive to biomedical research. There are very few industries where molded parts aren’t used. Molds are used in various industries, including aerospace, cosmetics, healthcare, and appliances. 
Molding process makes it possible to create high-quality products with a low labor cost.

Mold Making Services FAQs

Important information about Mold Making Services for creating parts or products

What is involved in your mold making services for injection molding?

Our injection mold making services involve designing and manufacturing custom molds based on your product specifications. This includes precise engineering of the mold cavities, cooling systems, runners, and gates to ensure high-quality injection molded parts.

How long does it take to create an injection mold?

The time to create an injection mold varies depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the mold. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

Can you modify or repair existing injection molds?

Yes, we offer modification and repair services for existing injection molds. This includes changes in design, fixing wear and tear, and improving mold functionality.

Can you produce multi-cavity molds for high-volume production?

Yes, we specialize in creating multi-cavity molds for both injection molding and die casting, which are ideal for high-volume production and ensure consistent part quality.

What are the cost factors for mold making in injection molding and die casting?

Cost factors include the complexity of the mold design, the size of the mold, the type of material used, and any special features like hot runner systems or complex cooling channels.

How do you ensure the mold's compatibility with my existing injection molding machines?

We design molds to be compatible with your existing machinery by considering the specifications of your injection molding machines, such as clamping force, platen size, and injection pressure.

Can you modify an existing mold to produce a new part?

In many cases, we can modify existing molds for new parts. This depends on the extent of the changes required and the condition of the current mold.

What quality assurance measures do you have for mold making?

Our quality assurance for mold production includes precision measurements, rigorous testing, and validation processes to ensure the mold meets all specified requirements and is ready for production use.

Do you offer prototype molds for low-volume production?

Yes, we offer prototype mold services for low-volume production, allowing you to test and refine your product design before investing in a full-scale production mold.

What materials do you recommend for high-durability molds?

For high-durability molds, especially in high-volume production, we recommend hardened steel grades that offer excellent wear resistance and longevity.

What are the limitations of mold making in terms of part size and complexity?

Mold making can accommodate a wide range of sizes and complexities. However, extremely large parts or highly intricate designs may require specialized tooling and techniques, potentially impacting cost and lead time.

How long do molds typically last, and what factors affect their lifespan?

The lifespan of a mold depends on the material used, the complexity of the design, and the production volume. Molds for high-volume production, especially in hardened steel, can last for hundreds of thousands of cycles.