Comparing Electrode Machining Process on Different Materials: How It Works?

a lotta electrodes

Electrode machining is among the newer metal processing techniques, compared to rotating cutters, shearing, and forging. This machining process passes rapidly pulsed high-voltage electrical discharges (sparks) across the gap between the electrode and the grounded workpiece. As a result, it helps remove the material from the workpiece by erosion. This way, even the most complex […]

How Is CNC Demolding Better Than Manual Demolding?

CNC demolding method

CNC demolding is the automated approach to getting parts out of an injection mold. This makes it easier for technicians to conduct the machining process effectively. While many technicians don’t have a detailed understanding of CNC demolding and how it works, a lack of understanding can lead to issues in the production process. As professionals […]

CNC Laser Cutting Machine 101: A Detailed Buying Guide

CNC cutter

The initial experience of diving into laser cutting can leave you feeling a tad overwhelmed. What are your options? What kind of material should you use? For which materials should you use this CNC Laser Cutting Machine setting? This comprehensive guide will delve into the essential aspects of utilizing and acquiring the finest CNC laser-cutting […]

CNC Mill vs. Router – Comparing Speed, Function, Accuracy, Cost, and More!

CNC Mill AND Router

According to Fortune Business Insight, the global CNC machine market was estimated to be worth USD 83.99 billion. This market is further expected to grow to USD 140.78 billion by 2029. That said, CNC machines are common automated machines manufacturers use to process materials and create diverse products. But how do you know which CNC […]

Thermoforming vs. Injection Molding – Which is Better?

Thermoforming Process

Plastics, used in all industries, provide adaptability and strength in various applications, from vehicle body parts to human body parts. Each application needs a distinct manufacturing technique capable of molding the part according to specifications. Both thermoforming and injection molding, two of the most prevalent manufacturing procedures for creating plastic parts, have distinct advantages depending […]

3D Printing vs. Injection Molding, Which is better?

3D Printing vs. Injection Molding, Which is better

You’re probably already considering potential production methods for your project. So, which production method is best? 3D printing vs. injection molding, and why? With this detailed guide, we will help you choose between injection molding and 3D printing to give life to your project by comparing and contrasting the two processes and highlighting their respective […]

Plastic Products Wall Thickness: The Most Recommended Reference

plastic products wall thickness measuring

The wall thickness of injection molded plastic products significantly impacts their quality. If the wall thickness is too thin, it will be challenging to meet the requirements for strength and rigidity and fill the cavity for large and complex products. Too thick will not only waste raw material but also quickly generate bubbles inside the […]

What Makes The Best Digital Manufacturing Companies?

Digital Manufacturing Factory Featured Image

Today, we are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, which is being propelled by the overall digital manufacturing processes. Creators and consumers can use software to create digital twins of physical products, big and small. Augmented and virtual reality makes it possible to see and try these things. Cloud computing facilitates global electronic […]