Melhores dicas para encontrar serviços de moldagem por injeção de protótipos

Finding an exemplary prototype injection molding service determines the quality of the molding process and the results. Therefore choosing a suitable service provider is essential to get the desired high-quality results. In addition, a good service provider should have excellent compliance management, an innovative team, and the required production volume capacity. Today, we will discuss what factors we should consider in finding the right prototype injection molding services.

prototype injection molding services

An innovative design team

When it comes to the molding aspect, then the design is an essential factor. You must ensure that the design team understands your requirements to get the desired results. The prototype injection molding team should have the capability of providing minimum design parts by understanding the process efficiently. This will reduce the time and cost involved in production. As a result, more efficient design and development projects will come into the picture.

Moreover, the design team should be involved early to provide substantial support. Otherwise, it can be an issue for clients with limited resources and skill sets to create a good design. The overall budget decision is also made by the design prototype and the parts involved in it. To get the proper return on investment, a capable design team should be a must before choosing a prototype injection molding service.

innovative team

Volume and capacity of production

The following important factor to consider is the volume and capacity of production supported by the service provider. For instance, you require 2 lakh parts, but the company can produce only half in that period. Then, your order will be delayed, and you will face an extended downtime. Therefore, the company should have a suitable molder capacity. Generally, low to medium-capacity moldadores por injeção can produce around 10,000 parts quickly. The small-scale production units are best for clients looking for only prototype designs for experiments or testing.

There are several aspects where large production units are not required, such as medical devices, aero engineering parts, etc. So, a low or medium-level production company will be a prudent choice. On the other hand, if a company requires a large production number, then bulk production support should be preferred. Such production units can provide up to 7,50,000 units, especially for small-sized molds.

capacity of production

Complete service support

Whether you want design support, production support, or both, the service provider should offer a complete service spectrum. This will help save time and effort in opting for services from different providers. The money and time invested in research and communication with different service providers will be saved. Moreover, outsourcing everything from one point will minimize transportation costs. Without considering any limitation of the type and volume of the plastic parts, you should get one-stop manufacturing support. The early design discussion should provide complete support for building optimal designs which hampers no aspect of designing and quality while matching the budget needs.

A service provider should be able to enter the early design process irrespective of the design type. In addition, they should have proper production support to facilitate product building with high efficiency. You should also ponder the extended services the prototype injection molding services provide. This spectrum includes part design, prototyping, flow analysis, final packaging, etc. This is the usual segment of required services for processing the molds.

Compliance management

Sometimes the clients compromise the specifications of the products due to compliance management. This is also a sign of a weak design team. So choose a reliable prototype injection molding service provider you can trust throughout the process. The client should be able to get the desired design of the mold without compromising any design aspect.

Moreover, the company should follow all the compliances required to meet the international standards of the prototype injection molding services. It will help in maintaining the quality of the produced results. Therefore, the company should have the expertise to manage the design process efficiently without getting stuck into desired design requirements and compliance applications.

Customer service support

The building of good B2B relationships requires strong customer service support. This helps in clarifying the process of designing and manufacturing whenever required. Moreover, you will also get peace of mind when you know that your investment has been made in the right place. This is especially required for complicated projects which require higher team support and involvement. Moreover, communication between the clients and the prototype injection molding service provider is also crucial. This emphasizes building a transparent channel of information between both parties. This provides the required sensitivity to a project which is suitable for higher customer satisfaction.

Available resin

The resin or material selection is directly associated with the production and design. You will receive all the desired material options if you are associated with a good prototype injection molding service. However, as per the design and the use purpose, the material requirement can vary. So the availability of suitable resin material is a significant factor in determining the right service provider. Different resins have different properties, such as flexibility, durability, moldability, heat resistance, etc.

Organic material is considered the best option for product manufacturing. Then there are other required materials such as filler, additives, etc. A good service provider can also suggest the appropriate material type to reduce the cost of production without hampering product quality.

resin storage

Product application

The product application as per the pre-determined objective is also a determining factor. When you start the design process, you begin with a set objective for using the product. A good company will provide suggestions for product application throughout the process. Moreover, the final results will not be compromised in any way to get the required results. It would be best if you got guidance from the company to build an efficient product. The prototype injection molding service should consider the budget and final use to advise upon the product application.

Research in terms of product application is a good option. However, it is also very time-consuming and resource-consuming. This may also increase your budget. But a service provider with enough industry experience will require less user-purpose research as they will already have plenty of supportive data. This will reduce time consumption as well as the budget.

Technological availability

After the material, technological advancement plays a significant role in determining the right prototype injection molding services. Technology advancements determine the time taken in the production and the final quality finish. Moreover, if the technological availability is limited, customers will also have to limit their design and idea approach. So before finalizing the prototype injection molding services, the technological availability should be confirmed to support the project. Moreover, getting access to the latest technological applications can help in further advancing the design and production process.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a sensitive topic regarding the production process of injection molds. Therefore, choose an experienced company that has made a name in the industry for its quality. The plastic industry is very competitive. So you will find several companies competing against each other. This forces them to take measures for cost-cutting to attract more customers. But make sure that these measures do not affect the quality. Therefore choose a service provider with a dedicated quality control team. Some companies even offer the involvement of the client team to get the appropriate quality and required design.

Moreover, you can also conduct background research to understand the actual situation of a service provider. Getting reviews from their previous clients and researching their portfolios is also a good option. You also consider their mold maintenance programs, as these maintain the quality of the molds and affect the final designs. Similarly, ask them about their project management software to understand their work. The consideration should also include an inspection process for understanding their quality assurance process. Finally, look for their ISO certification to ensure they align with the highest quality standards.

garantia de qualidade

Time consideration

The time limit is also significant in determining the prototype injection molding services. Suppose they provide the best quality products but are delivered after the timeline you need. Then, there is no benefit to working with such a service provider. The process of mold building can take up to 4 to 12 weeks. So the designers need to consider several steps, such as design revisions, the complexity of the production, etc., within the same timeframe.

Sometimes, unexpected delays can also occur due to the unavailability of raw materials, tampering with the resin, shipping delays, etc. So when determining the final service provider, consider all these factors before making the final decision. Take a realistic estimate of the total time taken for the design.

Diversity of markets

A prototype injection molding service that serves a diverse market is an excellent option to choose from. This means they have experience working with diverse designs for a wide spectrum of user purposes. Moreover, a diverse market also means better quality control measures. Finally, a diverse market range also means different resource availability to a much larger extent, which is especially beneficial in terms of last-minute issues.


A prototype injection molding company should have robust quality assurance. This will help get the best production results for each product. Moreover, they should have a good design team to understand the client’s requirements. The design team should be able to come into the picture in the early design stages. In addition, technological availability is the next determining factor. A service provider should have access to advance technology to get efficient production results. Finally, the capacity and volume of production also make determining factors.

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