Factors To Consider When Choosing Chinese Mould Suppliers In 2023

Cost-cutting for produced items now entails a significant amount of outsourcing. Although outsourcing has made it possible for customers to purchase goods at lower prices, there is a catch: overseas rivals may not necessarily adhere to the same labour standards or employ the same premium materials to ensure high-quality products. China has long been associated with low-cost items. Still, mould suppliers outsourcing there may be fraught with complications from start to finish.


You will likely need to have an injection mould made in China if you intend to import a product that has been specially created or by professional mould suppliers. If you’re seeking a Chinese plastic injection moulding factory to build your plastic moulding components, your initial inquiry would probably How much would it cost to manufacture my product using Chinese injection moulding?

Is it possible to reduce the price of mould in China? So, read on to learn everything you need to know about selecting the finest Chinese mould suppliers in 2022.

Why purchase China-made plastic injection moulding

Compared to the USA or Europe, China mould suppliers offer plastic injection moulding at significantly lower prices. Occasionally, the price will only be 50% higher for the same quality. The most costly component of a project is typically the injection mould, which can significantly raise prices for short parts runs. Your product’s market competitiveness will be much improved by China’s cost, which is extremely low.

What Factors Influence Injection Molding Prices?

The cost of plastic moulds and injection moulding parts will directly impact whether your project runs smoothly and successfully. The complexity, size, surface, material, number of mould cavities, production volume, and component surface area are just a few of the numerous variables to take into account while designing a plastic part for injection moulding from professional mould suppliers.

Partially complex:

The more complicated component will call for more complicated mould suppliers and designs, raising the mould price. As much as feasible, eliminate unnecessary surfaces, corners, or features to save mould costs significantly.

Size of part:

The mould size and cost will grow dramatically with the item’s size since larger parts require larger moulds, which require more mould steel.

Material for the part:

Depending on the kind and calibre of plastic you, as the mould suppliers use, the cost of the materials will change. For instance, if you select expensive fibreglass filler material, the mould material cost will also rise since hardened steel is required.

Surface in part:

If the component surface is not crucial or the plastic part is not visible in the assembly result, you can pick a lower-level finish, such as SPI Finish B-3 or lower C grade. An appealing surface finish will increase processing costs and time.

Tips: The SPI standard was developed by the U.S. Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE)

Cavity count and production volume:

Comparing a single cavity mould to a family mould with several cavities requires less time and effort. This results in a lower mould cost but a higher cost per part. When mould suppliers produce in modest quantities, a single cavity mould will do; when producing in large quantities, you might want to explore numerous cavities moulds.

firstmold workshop

How to Lower the China Cost of Plastic Injection Molding:

Finding reputable plastic injection mould suppliers is the greatest approach to lower the cost of plastic injection moulding in China. They will perform it for you, so you won’t need to have as many talents to save costs with their assistance.

The ideal situation is for the vendor to provide accurate quotations for each stage of the process and to specify what each stage entails. Research and development, mould production, testing expenses, and so forth. Each component and how it contributes to the final cost should be specified in the estimate.

Due to design defects and potential production issues, the top partners in the sector will also recommend improvements. Always look for a seller who has your best interests in mind rather than just the lowest price.

Although it might be challenging, you can take into account the following advice to lower your plastic injection mould supplier’s costs.

Model test:

Before beginning the mass manufacture of your plastic parts, a sample test is essential. The proofing services should be requested from the injection mould suppliers. You may find out via this method whether the moulding factory’s production quality is good or not.

The following batch of mass-produced items will be much worse if the sample quality is inadequate. Before you begin your project, the first thing you should perform is a sample test to prevent needless loss.

Spend less on the design:

An expert producer of plastic injection moulds is skilled at keeping costs under control, beginning with the design phase. Because the cost of the entire project may be determined by the design idea, it is a very crucial talent.

In the early stages, the producer of plastic injection moulds typically has to convene a conference to discuss product assembly, injection moulding manufacturing, and other related topics before settling on the best practical design. According to this plan, engineers would design the mould, which can save expenses significantly.

Injection moulding service at one-stop:

Mould design and production, product injection moulding, plastic shell surface treatment (spraying, screen printing, etc.), and other one-stop outsourcing services are all included in one-stop injection mould suppliers.

Why do so many manufacturers that specialise in plastic injection moulding place such an emphasis on one-stop services? Because it may save a lot of time in addition to lowering the cost of plastic injection moulding.

An all-inclusive injection moulding service may significantly increase production effectiveness. The manufacturer offering one-stop service is equally skilled and powerful enough to give you superior service.

Techniques for estimating plastic injection moulding costs:

Naturally, we couldn’t completely depend on the pricing the plastic injection moulding factory provided. To determine the price of plastic injection moulding, we can employ a few techniques. The cost of the plastic mould pieces may be estimated using the following methods.

Cost estimation for low-volume injection moulding:

Small-batch injection moulding is compatible with this feature-based cost-estimating tool. Moulds are made using the fast tool approach, which involves processing 104 moulds quickly. This is done since moulds have a significant effect on each part’s cost. Current material prices are utilised to estimate material costs depending on the part’s shape.

Choose a suitable injection moulding machine from a database of more than 50 machines to save production costs and determine the cycle time based on the component shape, the characteristics of the material, and the machine’s parameters.

If you want to know how much a plastic mould will cost, use the standard mould size to choose the right mould base from the best mould suppliers. Then, depending on the geometry of the item and other user requirements, estimate the amount of mould processing that will be needed. Calculated for 4 possible cavity configurations, these three costs—materials, manufacturing, and moulds—present the most economical choice.

Cost estimation based on features:

Plastic moulding in production volumes is appropriate for this feature-based cost-estimating tool. More robust and pricey tools can be utilised because it has a lower influence on the cost of each component. Based on the part’s shape and using the most recent material prices, an estimation of the material costs is made.

Choose a suitable injection moulding machine from a database of more than 50 machines to save production costs and determine the cycle time based on the component shape, the characteristics of the substance, and the machine’s parameters.

To determine the mould cost, choose the right mould base based on the standard mould size and mould category, and then calculate the necessary mould processing based on the geometry of the item and other user requirements. Estimated for 4 probable cavity designs, these three costs—materials, manufacturing, and moulds—present the most frugal choice.

Cost estimation for plastic mould:

The price of a plastic moulding mould is determined using this feature-based cost estimate. Use the standard mould size to choose the proper mould foundation, taking into account the geometrical shape of the component and the needs of the mould, such as the number of cavities. For the selected SPI mould type, mould processing is necessary; for 104 other mould types or low-volume goods, the quick plastic mould technique can be chosen.

Average estimate:

While no component geometry is necessary for this typical injection moulding cost calculator, it must include extra process data to provide a more precise estimate. The number of runners and components, as well as a current pricing database for the materials, are used to estimate material costs.

Customizable process parameters are also taken into consideration. Cycle duration, machine rate, and labour rate must all be given when calculating production costs. A thorough cost breakdown of the expenses of the materials, production, and mould is given after adding the mould cost.

According to customer requests, Prototool can provide the best prototyping services, quick tooling, flawless finishing, and low to medium-scale production. All the while ensuring a seamless and dependable experience with their services.

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