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Prototool’s Production Mold Making is the ideal process for the on-demand manufacturing of high quality production molds in a short matter of time. Proficient in a variety of molding techniques, ranging from steel to a variety of allows and other sturdy metals, we help you develop molds that allow for mass production. It is a fundamental process for achieving reliable results. We understand the complex requirements behind making a reliable production mold and mind each and every constraint that separates and experienced manufacturer from an amateur manufacturer. Rest assured, the final product is sure to meet your requirements.

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why Choose Us

Wide Range Of Molds

Ranging from CNC to other forms of production mold making, we offer a variety of tools and production processes that we believe meet every requirement our clients have to ask of us. We can develop molds that allow you to print over many millions of final products with no deterioration in the mold or piece produced.

DFM Reports

Do you need a Design For Manufacturability (DFM) report? We can help! Despite checking design feasibility before production we still offer a rapid DFM report to provide an expert opinion so you can reconsider the flaws in your design. The report includes identification of design flaws & errors that may cause problems down the line in the manufacturing.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that markets are highly competitive and reaching the market first can make all the difference. This is why our capable team of engineers and technicians are ever-ready to deliver your molds on tight deadlines while ensuring there is never any compromise on quality with a faster access to market.

High Quality Molds

Before you put your product in production, you want to make sure that the mold holds fast under testing conditions. For that, you need high quality molds that we are known to manufacture and deliver.

Process For making Mold

 Production mold making is a complex process the requires the expertise of highly experienced technicians and engineers. A standard procedure for production mold making will involve the following steps:

Manufacturability Analysis

The first step is the analysis of the manufacturability of the production mold. If it can be manufactured, we will start on it right away; otherwise, we will provide our DFM report to the client.

Design & Flow Analysis

Next, we employ the use of predictive modelling software that helps us to determine whether the mold will behave as it should or not. We make all the necessary changes and improvements to make sure it will.

Mold Making

The next step involves making the actual mold with the desired material of the customer. For this step, High Quality machines and equipment is used to produce a mold that will perform as intended with the material it will be used for.


Samples are produced from the mold to make sure the end product fits the requirements of the client or if further amendment is needed.


When our engineers are satisfied with the end product, the product is shipped to the customer. Afterwards, we stay in contact with the customer to ensure they are satisfied with the product they have received.

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Available Production Molding Techniques

Among a variety of molds that we offer our customers and work with, we also offer our customer the option to manufacture custom production molds for them that will fit their desired mass production application. If your desired Prototype Mold Making Process is not listed above, contact us and order a free quote today!

Die Casting Molds

Suitable for both, prototypes and mass production, die casting molds are made of hardened steel, making them highly sturdy and reliable. You can use a variety of materials and alloys in them for mass scale production.

Metal Injection Mold

It is a form of injection molding where feedstock consists of metal and binder. Made from high grade tool steel, it is designed to withstand metal injection. Other substitutes include aluminum. It is highly popular for production mold casting.

Vacuum Casting Mold

Vacuum Casting is a method used to make high-quality prototypes or parts in low volumes without any tooling cost. This method allows you to take advantage of speed, precision, size, cost, and even volume.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Professional Team

Offering a wide range of production molds, we are one of the most prominent mold making companies that is trusted and relied upon by a wide range of customers who believe in our capabilities. Our strong and capable team of engineers have satisfied the needs of hundreds of industry professionals before and we can do the same for you.

Precision & Accuracy

We have provided industry professionals with production molds of high degree precision, accuracy, and limited tolerance. Moreover, we offer guarantee for our parts in terms of their strength & functionality.

Multi Materials

We specialize in production mold making that is suitable for a wide range of metals and alloys, as such, we will help you identify the type of mold suitable for your mass production needs. You can count on us to make your final products exactly as you wish. 

Prototype Mold Making

Industries That Use Production Molds

There are a variety of industries that rely on production molds for the mass manufacturing of the final product. This inlcudes

Applications of Production Mold Making

Production Mold Making is used for making molds that will be used for mass scale production of intended goods. Molds are the most critical component when it comes to manufacturing of any product which holds especially true for molds that will be used for mass scale production.

At Prototool, we make affordable, yet strong molds that are of industry’s best quality for mass scale production runs. The primary difference between them and the molds used for prototypes is that they are made of more sturdy and expensive metals which are suitable for making final product.

If you intend to make final product in massive quantities, then Product Molds are just the product you need. At Prototool we manufacture molds that have satisfied numerous clients.

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Benefits of Using Production Mold Making

Using production mold making services from Prototool offers tons of advantages. Primarily, these molds need to be of very high quality, rugged, durable, and made from reliable materials as they will be used for the manufacturing of a product over and over again. Not only does the use of poor quality production mold effects quality of the final product but also effects the reputation of the company. Not to mention due to their shorter life span, poor quality production molds easily deform or even break. Whereas high quality production molds from Prototool are exactly what you need for a long-term and reliable production mold.

Production molds are a key component for a wide range of industries and their use is inevitable for repeated production of goods. High quality production molds from Prototool can produce components with complex and detailed geometry in large volumes. They are reliable and highly efficient, especially in the hands of trained professionals who know not only how to care for them, but to make the most of them. They have high tensile strength and have the ability to use multiple type of materials for molding depending upon the choice of manufacturer. They help manufacturers save cost on repeated production along with offering precision and shorter product development time.


Mold making is a technique where molds are created to recreate parts over and over again either as prototypes or final products. It is a highly popular technique to produce parts in medium to large quantities given their application.

Production molding uses materials that are solid and sturdy which can be used to produce a final product over and over again. This includes materials like Steel, Aluminum, Alloys, and other hard metals that are non-malleable and retain their shape and functionality over the years. Our Team of highly skilled engineers can help you determine the right kind of material needed to develop your production mold.

Yes, they can be. However, there are certain limitations where sharp corners and inconsistent wall thickness needs to be avoided. Lastly, the material needs to be highly durable since it needs to produce final products and will be used for millions of runs/injections in its lifecycle.

A production mold is highly durable in comparison to prototype mold and may not last as long in comparison. This is why they are expensive in comparison to prototype molds and intended to last much longer while fulfilling the requirements of a full scale final product production.

If your application involves using your mold for final production along with over several million shots/injections, it is recommended that you use completely automated mold.