Injection Molding Materials

Injection molding is one of the widely used processes in factories and organizations today. There are different materials that can be used in it. Some of the widely used materials include polypropylene, nylon, and acrylic among others.

Nylon: Nylon is utilized often for the production of strong and durable mechanical parts such as bearings, gears, and brushes. It is quite common in different automotive applications.

Acrylic: When it comes to acrylic, it is often utilized for the production of different transparent parts such as view screens, windows, and even lighting equipment. It is used commonly as an alternative to glass because of its high tensile glass strength.

Polypropylene: You will be surprised to know that this thermoplastic injection material is utilized widely in the packaging industry. After all, it does not really mix different chemicals with food products. It can even be washed in hot water.

ABS: Actually, ABS resin is a thermoplastic polymer and offers different benefits. For instance, it has incredible dimensional stability and even resists scratching. Since it has a low melting temperature, it is quite simple and easy to mold.

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