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Prototool offers state-of-the-art advanced technology for its clients and specializes in mass production, economy of scale, rapid tooling, etc. We specialize in various production techniques and processes, including but not limited to sheet metal fabrication service. To find out more, email us today to request a quote.

Why Choose Us

With an already established clientele, we realize our customers rely upon and choose us for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to massive network capacity, free consultation, guaranteed quality, industry experience, and most importantly, establishing an economy of scale. Reach out to us today and send in your design file to request a free quote.

Free Quotations

Get valuing, lead times, and plan for-assembling input in a question of hours, not days. The Prototool instant quoting system gives information to our clients without any hassle so that they can pick the ideal cost and lead time as per their understanding and undertaking. Request a quote today to find out more.

Dependable Quality

We are ensured by various reliable providers about our uniform procedures and processes. We offer material accreditations, completing certificates, assessment reports, and equipment confirmations. Contact us today to know more about our quality authorizations.

Industry Experience

Our accuracy applications are ideally suited for aviation and protection, auto, clinical, mechanical technology, robotics, customer gadgets enterprises, and other businesses. Reach out to us today to find out how we may help you and your business efficiently.

Economy of Scale

Prototool offers a state-of-the-art economy of scale process. The rapid tooling that we offer is the most cost-effective option for an order of 100–2,000 units. This cannot be mass-produced via other techniques such as 3D printing, CNC machining, or urethane casting. Please email us your respective design file at XX to find out more and get a quote.

How To Work With Us

Submit Request

Submit request with a description and technical drawing of your product. In case of no technical drawing, no worries. We can reverse engineer.

DFM & Quotation

We usually get back to you within 24 hours.


Once you approve the quote and make the deposit, we start working on the initial work of tooling, creating the mold etc.


Packaged, labeled, and shipped to your door right on time

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Please submit your required design file, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly for DFM and quotation!

What We Can Do

Prototool offers state-of-the-art advanced technology for its clients and specializes in mass production, economy of scale, rapid tooling, etc. We specialize in various production techniques and processes, including but not limited to sheet metal fabrication service.
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With our expert engineers, free design for manufacturing service is available at Prototool.


Including cutting, forming, stamping, bending, joining etc.


Besides regular finishing service, we can also offer custom finishing solution according to your request.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Finishing

As the leading sheet metal fabrication service provider, we offer our clients various finishing options to choose from. Be it hardware insertion, silk screening, welding, plating, or powder coating, our skilled experts and latest technology can do it all for you. After all, Prototool guarantees to provide holistic sheet metal components services all under one name.


Rapid Prototyping Services FAQs

information about RAPID PROTOTYPING Services for Your projects

Does Sheet Metal Fabrication Charge for Consultations?

We provide a free introductory consultation for our sheet metal fabrication services. During this meeting we discuss the needs of your project and offer advice on suitable processing methods.

Can You Make Custom Parts From My Design Specifications?

Definitely. So for parts based on your own design specifications, our custom sheet metal fabrication process is specifically designed to create exactly what you want in terms of precision and meeting all requirements.

What Is the Turnaround Time for a Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Project?

In fact, depending on the complexity and scope of a job, turnaround times can vary greatly. Our goal is to deliver custom sheet metal parts efficiently while maintaining our high standards for quality.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Are There Any Limitations on Material Thickness?

have sheet metal fabrication capabilities that can work with a variety of material thicknesses. We will provide you the best kind and thickness of material for your project based on its needs.

What Assures Accuracy in Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Precise sheet metal fabrication depends on three factors: advanced fabricating technology; skilled craftsmen and women; strict quality control throughout the entire process of manufacturing.

Are You Up to Handling High-Volume Sheet Metal Fabrication Orders?

Yes. Our facility is capable of large quantity sheet metal fabrication, in which the quality and delivery are both stable for big projects.

What kinds of finishing techniques do you provide for fabricated metal parts?

To make the metal parts which we have fabricated more beautiful and sturdy, our choices range from powder coating to painting; there’s also anodizing or galvanizing.

Can Rapid Sheet Metal Fabrication Help Out with Urban Emergencies?

In fact, in the event of urgent projects we also have rapid sheet metal fabrication services to meet tight deadlines while maintaining high quality products.

What Qualifications Do You Have For Making Sheet Metal?

Our sheet metal fabrication services follow industry standards and certifications for high-quality production with safety and quality assurance.

Can You Combine Assembly Services with Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Yes. We can provide you with an all-in-one solution from fabrication to assembly of the finished product, providing complete sheet metal services as part of our process.

How do you maintain tight tolerances in sheet metal fabrication?

Tight tolerances in sheet metal fabrication are accomplished by using precision engineering, high-tech equipment and vigorous quality control throughout the entire process.

What Are the usual applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication?

For industries such as automotive, aerospace construction and electronics environments in which sheet metal fabrication is common components like enclosures, brackets panels or other custom parts are made from it.